2 Dec 2016

BeYu Be Vintage: mauve Fall Collection & Impressions

beyu be vintage le

Welcome BeYu, a german drugstore brand under the same company's roof as Artdeco, Makeup Factory, ANNY and Misslyn. BeYu was sold in german-speaking countries, exclusively in Douglas shops. Thankfully, BeYu is slowly expanding into USA and Europe. Yes, I'm talking about Slovenia in particular. BeYu is sold in Drogerie Markts (DM) across Slovenia, while my American readers can get BeYu in CVS, Giant Eagle and Bartell Drugs. Another thing you need to know is, that the international makeup artist behind the brand is Tom Strohmetz, who also worked years for MAC Cosmetics. Now I'm sure he knows what he's doing...

BeYu is paraben free, fragrance free and dermatologically approved as most of german makeup brands. They also don't test on animals. Another thing to notice are their seasonal, limited collections. Newly added products are always fun, especially if they're gorgeous like new Be Vintage collection for Fall. The highlight of the Be Vintage LE is BeYu Multi Color Blush No.50 (about 18€ for 7,5g, sold in DM or german Douglas) a beautiful mauve pink blush with three shades to mix. While I was thrilled to see a mauve shade for colder months, blush transfers as a wearable, warm pink with subtle sheen. Actually, it's quite similar to Nars Deep Throat on the first glance, which suits most skintones. Texture is soft without grittiness, it applies evenly and it's nicely pigmented. Overall, it has a nice quality. Still, the price is a bit too excessive and I would personally rather spend that money on other brands. 

beyu multicolor blush

beyu blush test

Next thing, that caught my eye was BeYu Color Biggie No.332 (around 8€ for 2,8g, sold in DM or german Douglas) in a beautiful smokey, taupe shade. Longlasting eyeshadow stick is truly budge-proof and works great - alone or paired as a creamy base. Creamy texture slowly dries and sets for entire day. I really, really like it as I'm a tough customer when it comes to cream shadows. I have hooded eyes and this turns out to be a perfect fit. I need more shades!

beyu color biggie

BeYu Color Swing Eyeshadow No.324 (4€ for 2g, sold in DM or german Douglas) is a classic, single eyeshadow in metallic, teal-grey shade with silver shimmer. It's actually really wearable for evening night out and the pigmentation is amazing. It's super longlasting, easy to work with and pretty good quality. I love it more than I thought I will. No complaints whatsoever.

beyu eyeshadow

And onto my favourite part of Be Vintage, lipsticks. BeYu Pure Color & Stay Lipstick (11,95€ for 4g, sold in DM or german Douglas) should have matte finish but I'm not too sure about it. Actually, they are more on the satin-creamy side and feel like a regular lipstick. Waxes make it slightly creamier and heavier in texture, but it's pleasant to wear. Shade No.142 Best Choice is an excellent mauve, nude pink that flatters fair to medium skintones. It's absolutely gorgeous and wears like a dream. Shade No.182 Excellent Flair is a dark, burgundy with purple tones. Extra vampy and slightly more creamy than the nude pink. It applies fairly evenly, while you definitely need a lipliner and some patience due to heavier formula. Still, it looks evenly once applied in two coats. Longevity is around 3-4 hours, depending on using a lipliner. The positive point is also sweet vanilla scent. I absolutely adore my new mauve No.142, it's a must have in lipstick wardrobe. 

beyu lipstick review

beyu lipstick 142

beyu lipstick 182

The last product is BeYu Long-Lasting Nail Polish No.423 Best Characteristics (4,99€ for 9ml, sold in DM or german Douglas) which I haven't tried yet. From the looks, it's a pretty skintone nude with subtle rose-gold shimmer. I personally enjoy these types of color because they're perfect for everyday. Nails look polished and elegant. As a first swatch, it's semi-opaque and totally opaque with 2 coats. The brush has a typical shape, not too thin or too wide. Longevity has to be yet to discovered.

beyu nagellack

I don't need to emphasise that Be Vintage collection is limited. Products will be available for a good period of time and I do recommend to check them out. I'm especially keen to lipstick shades, my absolute favourite is mauve pink No.142 as it's truly unique in my lipstick collection. Blush is good but slightly overpriced, while I'm super happy with Color Biggie and Color Swing single eyeshadow. Nail polish is not my thing but I do enjoy a nude shade once in a while. Overall, it's a firm LE, that has a lovely variety of burgundy and mauve tones. Also, let's don't forget the vintage inspiration behind it.


  1. These colors look perfect for the season!

    1. Right? Can't imagine a better colour selection :)

  2. Hmmm, zanimivo izgleda. Priznam, da sem se stojalu kar izogibala... :P

  3. Čudovite fotografije. Šminke pa tudi zgledajo zelo lepo. :)

  4. I love a dark nude for the winter on the nails x

  5. The whole collection looks amazing! The eyeshadow stick interests me in particular. I love how complex the color looks. I'll definitely on a lookout to see if I can spot the brand here.

  6. Uuu vse mi je barvno zelo vsec, edino lakec ne. Se malo izogibam stojalu, da ne pokupim prevec. Cakam na vase ocene, da vidim kaj se splaca :)


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