29 Jan 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Secret Salma - Review, Test & Comparison

charlotte tilbury secret salma lipstick

One was enough. And now look at me, not even glitching when speed ordering new Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick. Let's move Pillow Talk at the side for a moment (I promise I'm making the review as fast as I can) and embrace Hot Lips range in the meantime. I would be awfully lying if I said this wasn't on the top of my Christmas wishlist, not even reconsidering more useful things to wish for. It's just that perfect mauve pink with warm tones I wished for and it's inspired by Salma Hayek. Entire Hot Lips range is in fact, composed out of celebrity lip shades. I'm nowhere near Salma's complexion but the Secret Salma still fits my desire and complexion.

charlotte tilbury secret salma lipstick

Talking about mauve goodness, Hot Lips in Secret Salma (30€ for 3,5g, Charlotte Tilbury online) represents the darker mauve nudes in Charlotte Tilbury lipstick line. I was actually missing a good, nice mauve that doesn't only pull toward brown or ghostly pale spectrum. Bond Girl seems like a fair selection, while Very Victoria is still one of my favourite nudes. Hot Lips in Secret Salma is a balanced mixture of warmth and coolness, somewhere between mauve and warm rose. It's pretty much unexplainable, which you can also notice on the pictures. Sometimes it pulls off as a warm rose or cool mauve with purple tones. On me, it's somewhere between Mac Mehr and Nars Audacious Anna, if you know what I mean.

charlotte tilbury secret salma lipstick test

Hot Lips formula is not just about being matte or creamy. Matte Revolution of Secret Salma is rather natural satin-matte finish that looks awfully pleasing to the eye. It's comfortable yet natural so you can easily fake natural lip texture. Cashmere formula is also enriched with papaya and unique orchid extract that's supposedly one-of-a-kind lipstick formula on the market. Lipstick makes your lips look full, nourished and plump. Honestly, I have to agree. Lips never looked better or as natural before. That's where it all started, my obsession of course. Longevity is pretty impressive too - Secret Salma stays put for several hours between 4-6 hours with a lipliner. Maybe even more, I didn't even noticed the pure pleasure of reapplying. Also, the pigmentation on Secret Salma is fully opaque, which is great to know if you're not entirely hooked upon semi-opaque formula from couple of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks.

Formula itself, luxurious packaging and color spectrum is totally worth the price, I can guarantee you that. Still, I wouldn't be me if I didn't make a closer look at my lip collection. Obviously, Secret Salma is nothing like Very Victoria but just to have it covered in case you wanted to see it side-by-side. In terms of real color comparison, the closest is, surprisingly, Catrice Matt Lip Artist 020 Best ROSEbuddies Forever. The Catrice version is slightly less warm than Secret Salma. Also, the texture is similar but nowhere as luxurious as Charlotte Tilbury Secret Salma. If you're looking for an affordable option, Catrice Matt Lip Artist has you covered! Other two shades are from MAC - Brave, a classic hyped-up rose is cooler and lighter. MAC Mehr is indeed close, but not close enough. MAC Mehr is less warm, less rosy and toned down with ashy undertone.

charlotte tilbury secret salma lipstick dupe

charlotte tilbury secret salma lipstick comparison

That's it! I highly, highly cherish all my Charlotte Tilbury makeup products and Secret Salma is no exception. It has a wonderful, fully opaque mauve-rose color, gorgeous packaging, lovely vanilla scent and awesome Matte Revolution formula. Would I buy it myself if it wasn't a gift? Of course, a 100% no doubt. Official Charlotte Tilbury online site ships worldwide from UK with an affordable shipping of 3,95€ and no additional taxes. Their packages comes securely safe and within days. Hang tight for Pillow Talk lipstick review!