24 Jan 2017

Collistar Giardini Italiani Spring collection: Look & Test

Collistar spring makeup Giardini Italiani

Collistar, a traditional classic among Italian cosmetics and women. This is my first ever experience with this Italian brand (nope, I'm lying, I've already tried nail polishes) and I'm excited to share some thoughts on quality, appearance and performance. I'm guilty, usually Collistar beauty and makeup collections just pass by me not even noticing any particular beauty product. Honestly, it's very much old school, maybe even more prone to older women and ladies. Still, I try to get out of my comfort zone every once in a while, and I said yes to the new Collistar opportunity. I'm trying out (only for you) the new, fresh and upcoming Collistar Spring/Summer 2017 collection called Gardini Italiani, gardens of Italy. I was pretty impressed to see such a youthful collection that might even appeal to younger audience.

Collistar spring 2017 makeup

collistar makeup giardini italiani

Let's start with the biggest part of collection, Collistar Silk Effect Maxi Blusher in 21 Golden Pink (2 shades with 7g for 32,45€, Muller/Nama/Maxi/Beautique). Shade 21 looks pretty familiar, don't you think? Of course, my first association was Nars Orgasm. Collistar blusher has the same properties as cult classic - wearable pink that's slightly coral and has really nice golden shimmer. The pigmentation is perfect, while the blush seems to adhere to my skin really well. It survives hours and hours, while it's so luminous, you don't even need additional highlighter. It's dimensional and versatile, while you get a huge amount of product. In terms of comparison with Nars Orgasm, Collistar is way more pink and has more subtle golden shimmer. Since they're not exactly dupes, I can easily justify having both. Actually I might prefer the Collistar version on my neutral skintone.

nars orgasm dupe collistar maxi blush

collistar blush dupe nars orgasm

Who's up for a bright coral pink in the upcoming Spring season? There's nothing more youthful and fun than a good pinky peach lipstick. I'm talking about one out of 4 new Collistar Vibrazioni di Colore lipsticks (4 shades, 22,61€ in Muller/Nama/Maxi/Beautique), mine is called 39 Begonia. As you might have noticed, the entire collection is based around flowers, gardens and pretty spring colours. Collistar 39 Begonia is pretty bright and compliments tanned or fair skintones. It's really similar to limited edition MAC Viva Glam Nicki, almost neon pinky coral. Begonia is actually even more wearable as it's warmer and with less neon tones. It's slightly more coral but transfers as a beautiful warm pink on my lips. It's lighter than it looks on my pictures. In terms of quality, it's nicely creamy, longevity is about 4-6 hours and smells like violets. Packaging is not my favourite, it's so....Italian.

Of course, no collection is complete without eyeshadows. Collistar Wet & Dry Eye Shadow (16,21€, Muller/Nama/Maxi/Beautique) come in 3 different shades. I got 33 Sage, which is a lovely iridescent mint with golden shimmer. It's so light, I can easily pop it in my eye corner to make it brighter. It's absolutely wonderful and I can easily layer it over other shadows. Used with a dry brush, it looks even more unicorn-y as before. Swatch it and you'll know what I'm talking about. 

I've used Collistar Vibrazioni di Colore Lipstick in 39 Begonia, that looks fairly more pink and light on my lips. Also, Collistar Silk Effect Maxi Blusher in 21 Golden Pink is on my cheeks. Both make you appear awake and almost younger. The golden shimmer from the blusher though, is very hard to catch on camera. 

You can check entire Giardini Italiani collection in February 2017. In Slovenia, Giardini Italiani will be sold in Muller, Nama, Maxi and Beautique. Along with these products, there will also be pastel Gloss Nail Laquer, Plumping Gloss, 2 multi-usage imprinted highlighter blush eyeshadow and best selling Mascara Infinito Waterproof. Will anything grab your attention?


  1. Blush izgleda res lepo in ti super paše, tak mladosten look naredi.
    Senčka mi sicer simpatično deluje v embalaži, ampak vem da česa takega jaz nebi nikoli nosila :) -mogoče bi bo bolje izgledala na tebi, ker si bolj svetla :)

    1. verjamem, senčka je mogoče malo presvetla zate. Ali pač še boljši osvetljevalec? ;)

  2. 33 sage is completely brilliant and I can without much of a stretch layer it over different shadows. Utilized with a dry brush, it looks much more unicorn-y as some time recently..Also the blushing ideas make me happy to visit your blog again. Thank you for sharing.

  3. The package is super pretty!! Thank you for sharing the review!
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