14 Jan 2017

Make up Factory Dark Elegance of a Swan: Metallic lips, Eye Fluid & Shimmer Mousse

Makeup Factory has released a new collection called Dark Elegance of a Swan. I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised by it's performance and hidden beauty as the collection delivers products, that aren't actually common in the drugstore department. All in all, this collection is one of the best highlights of 2016 and beginning of 2017.

Let us start with the base. Makeup Factory Illuminating Skin Perfector (around 15-18€ for 15ml, Muller) is actually their standard item but highlighted within this holiday collection. It's actually a light reflecting primer that makes your skin looking flawless and dewy. It can be used with moisturisers, before or mixed with foundation. It's basically a mixture of pore-refine texture and invisible shimmer particles that are really subtle and not visible to the eye. I have to say it sounds almost as promising as Becca Skin Perfector, right? I haven't noticed any dramatic changes in my skin texture but I love the lit-from-within look. If you're looking for that all-rounder before applying your foundation, try this.

Makeup Factory Cashmere Shimmer Mousse (12,99€ for 5g, Muller) has one-of-a-kind moussey texture that works as a subtle but noticeable highlighter. It blends with skin seamlessly and makes your cheeks really glowy, in a good way. It blends like a dream and doesn't interfere with foundation. The color is actually super light, somewhere in between ivory and light champagne. It quickly became my ultimate natural, creamy highlighter. Swatch speaks for itself.

Eye candy and highlight of the collection is Makeup Factory Metallic Eye Color Fluid (9,99€ for 6,5ml, Muller) which is truly metallic, longlasting, waterproof and chameleon-looking. There are 4 different shades that work like a magic, while they're housed in a Mat Lip Fluid packaging. Although they all look gorgeous and I'm totally obsessed with my 20 Iridescent Pink, keep in mind they're pretty stubborn to work with. They dry really quickly and can get a bit patchy if you're not used to the formula. Although they can look heavenly, they can easily ruin your makeup look if you're not comfortable with the formula. However, if you're an experienced artist, these will be your new staples. Did I mention there's also a rose gold metallic shade? Adorable!

Of course it wouldn't be me if I wouldn't choose a lipstick. I choose Makeup Factory Shimmer Lip Stick (10-14€, Muller) in 40 Rosewood Pearl just out of curiosity. Turns out, it's my favourite metallic lipstick ever! Looks freakishly intimidating in the tube but transfers as a lovely rose nude with lots of shimmer to glow. It's wet-looking, modern and pretty awesome in my opinion. I might be under the influence of new metallic lip trend, but this color is just perfect for everyday. Want to try metallic lips? This is your perfect, first shade to try. Trendy but subtle. It feels like a nourishing butter and I love to combine it with a gorgeous nude lipliner. 100% recommend! 

In Makeup Factory Dark Elegance of a Swan you will also find 4 Metallic Eye Color Fluids, three blackened Eye Shadows with high intensity pigment, 2 Metallic Eyeliners, 2 Luxury Glitter Creams, 2 Eyeliners, bestselling  Deep Black Volume Mascara and another Lip Color. You can check entire collection here, while you can find and purchase exclusively in Muller drugstores.


  1. Luštno! Sem pa na prvi pogled mislila, da je senčka za veke, lipgloss :).

  2. The shades of these are beautiful! I'd definitely struggle with the formula of the eye shadow though I have zero patience when it comes to creamy products for my eyes haha. They do all look stunning tho! x

  3. I've never heard of this brand but those shades look amazing! I really want to try the illuminator! xx

  4. The lipstick looks amazing, very beautiful color :)

  5. The shades for lip and eyes are so unique! I'd love to try those x

    Coco | The Beauty Milk

  6. Šminka mi je res zanimiva in odlično ti paše :). <3 Senčilo me spominja na Avonova kovinska tekoča senčila, ki niso ravno lahka za nanašanje. Tako da si predstavljam kakšna je verjetno tekstura.

  7. Šminka je presenteljivo čudovita na ustnicah, si nisem predstavljala da bo taka :)
    Mi je pa rees všeč barva senčila za oči, samo kaj ko vem da ga najbrž nebi nikoli nosila :D

  8. Takoj, ko sem videla odtenke šminke in senčke, sem si rekla, to so pa čisto Sarine barve :D Pa res si nisem mislila, da bo šminka tako nosljiva izpadla na ustnicah, super!


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