17 Feb 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick: the only Nude you'll need

charlotte tilbury pillowtalk lipstick review

We thought this day will never come, which makes the release of Pillow Talk lipstick that more intriguing. The second I've heard about the release on Charlotte Tilbury website, I immediately ordered myself another Pilow Talk product as the iconic Lip Cheat Pillow Talk is already in my collection. Actually, I should be posting the review of Lip Cheat beforehand, but the Pillow Talk lipstick has currently the exclusive status, so you shouldn't count on it for permanent stay. Fingers crossed it will become permanent as it's the most beautiful, flattering nude I've ever seen...


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution formula is well known by it's satin-matte finish without being overpowering, drying or uncomfortable. It's a perfect synergy of natural satin-matte finish and lovely, natural texture that enhances and beautifies your lips. 3D glowing pigments, lipstick tree and orchid extracts are Charlotte Tilbury's speciality, which actually work without any proper explanation from my side. It's magic in terms of making your lips looking better than before. It's pretty addictive once you try her products, especially lipsticks. Longevity is also a bonus point, as the Matte Revolution lipsticks stay on for 3-5 hours. The scent only reveals warm tones of vanilla. You can read more about formula and shade selection on my Very Victoria lipstick or Secret Salma lipstick. Did I mention that Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are my ultimate favourites?

charlotte tilbury pillow talk best nude lipstick

charlotte tilbury pillow talk lipstick review


Truly, Pillow Talk lipstick has the same rose nude tones as the most perfect lipliner ever - Lip Cheat Pillow Talk. It's a fleshy, natural tone that truly enhances your lip line and makes optically bigger lips without looking too rosy, pink or brown. It perfectly mimics natural flesh without looking fake or unnatural. My lips but far better. One thing you have to know about Pillow Talk duo, is that the Pillow Talk lipstick has a slightly different tone overall. It's definitely something I would expect in terms of the shade, but still not 100% the same. Pillow Talk lipstick is a tad more brown and dark compared to Lip Cheat. To properly show you the difference, I've made both swatches of Pillow Talk. I've wanted to make a comparison with MAC lipsticks but the shade seemed like nothing else in my MAC collection. The most similar shade is Viva Glam II with more brown, ashy tones. 

charlotte tilbury pillow talk comparison swatches

charlotte tilbury lip cheat Pillow talk

charlotte tilbury pillow talk lipstick

charlotte tilbury pillow talk on lips

Nonetheless, both Pillow Talks make a wonderful pair on anyone. Such a beautiful, fleshy tone is possible only in the Charlotte Tilbury rows. Pillow Talk has something that none of it's alternatives have - I've made a small comparison with Rimmel 200 Salute, which actually lacks that last special spice. If Pillow Talk is your shade of choice, you might want to snap it as soon as you can. You never know what will happen with such a wonderful exclusive. Still, I'm pretty confident to say, that Pillow Talk lipstick will become another iconic product and make that extra space in the permanent line. You can buy and browse Charlotte Tilbury online shop for more.