26 Mar 2017

My favourite non-drying Matte Liquid Lipstick: Pupa Milano Matt Lip Fluid

pupa milano matt lip fluid test

I get this question all the time. And the answer is pretty clear. Pupa Milano Matt Lip Fluid is the most wonderful full-on matte liquid lipstick that's not only pretty, but also extremely comfortable. Say goodbye to crumbly, drying textures that don't work on long hour schedule. I'm Pupa Matt Lip Fluid has been a firm winner for a year by now and it's still on top of my list. The only unfortunate thing is, that I take it for granted too easily.

best non drying matte lipstick

pupa matt lip fluid 050

pupa matte liquid lipstick review

Pupa Milano Matt Lip Fluid is a straightforward matte lipstick, texture bordering between mousse and liquid form. It's not sticky, crumbly or heavy - but rather pleasant in formula with a full matte effect. I can wear it for hours, although I'm pretty sensitive to dry and crackling formula. Also, Matt Lip Fluid basically survives anything and anyone without making your lips looking a dessert raisin. I just can't stand overly drying formula that makes my lips super wrinkly, small and dry over time. Matt Lip Fluid has a subtle scent after soap bubbles - ah, brings back childhood memories.

pupa milano matt lip 050 fire red

My shade is indeed, red. Fire Red 050 is a bright, bright red with orange tones and looks super fresh, fun and outstanding. You'll be noticed in minutes and compliments will easily fly off. I had no trouble with application but I still like to use a corresponding lipliner to create a sharp line. Fire Red is another red that made the cut and quite frankly - one of the first I reach for.

pupa matt lip fluid swatch

The only not-so-great part is the price. Pupa Milano Matt Lip Fluid are about 15,99€ for 4ml and it's not the most affordable drugstore thing. However, you'll be surprised how comfortable and easy wearing can liquid lipsticks be! It even overcomes my luxury picks and I'm eyeing a neutral mauve 013 Sable Brown for months now. Pupa Milano is available in selected Muller stores and Maxi in Slovenia.


  1. It is a lovely colour!

  2. Love the packaging of this product and the shade is so lovely, really suits you.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. Thank you Alice, looking forward to your new videos ;)

  3. Love the shade of this! Looks great against your skin tone xx

  4. Moram se enkrat spomnit in jo kupit naslednjič ko bom v kakšni Pupa trgovini. Tam sem vedno popolnoma zmedena, ker je toliko luštnih stvari, da na koncu ne kupim nič :D

  5. Čudovit odtenek <3 Bi že zdavnaj kupila kakšen odtenek, pa mi je najbližje šele v Ljubljani.

  6. Tele so super.

    In ta odtenek ti res noro paše :) <3


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