31 Mar 2017

Best of Essence Cosmetics: 15th Pinky Anniversary

happy birthday Essence 15 years

Happy, pink and playful - it's all that Essence have been for 15 years! Crazy, right? Time flies so fast and I can still remember the day I bought my first Essence lipstick. And mascara. And eyeliner. Basically, I had it all in my teenage years. And I still use my holy grail Essence items to this day. Not to mention regular updates - I can never pass their shelves without trying at least one new thing. So yeah Essence, I wish you a wonderful, pinky celebration and even more to come. A pinky lipstick a day, keep the bad mood away!

Essence products best of 2017

essence new products 2017

essence matt matt lipstick 04 pink

And my favourite Essence products of all time?

  • Essence I love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara - here
  • Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks (including the one I'm wearing, 004) - here
  • Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner Waterproof - here
  • Essence I love Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base - here

I also browsed through my old Essence blog posts and of course, Defining Nude Lipsticks post is still your favourite. We need to have those lipsticks in check alright. Essence Lipliners post is not far behind either.

Don't forget to check out Essence Slovenia or Essence International site. There's lots of birthday activites to come! You can post a birthday wish and win Essence goodies. To be updated, check Essence Slovenia Facebook or Essence Cosmetics Facebook.