25 Sept 2017

LOV Fatalmuse Matte Lipsticks & LOVglow Highlighter review

lov new products 2017

I'm surprised how much has LOV grown on me. You have to feel it to believe it. I'm really content with their quality and performance all around. It easily crosses line between drugstore and high-end brands. I like it, I need it, I LOV it. I like that LOV adds seasonal products to their line to keep up with makeup trends. I only hope the brand won't get as confusing as Catrice or Essence. Nevertheless, LOV is still manageable to keep up in this department (for now).

LOVglow Highlighting Drops 020 Sunlight Drops (10,99€ in Muller) is newly added liquid highlighter with a drop pipette. As good as it looks, I'm still undecided about it after several tries. It's meant to be the all-purpose highlighter that you can mix into foundation, primer or add it independently on your cheeks. The problem starts after blending the product into the skin. Highlighter is super potent on the swatch but gradually blends into nothingness with a sparkle here and there. I don't like it as a highlighting topper because it messes up my foundation. But it works generally okay if I mix it with daily cream or primer for extra boost of glow. Also note that is heavily scented.

LOVglow highlighter review

LOV highlighter review

LOV matte lipsticks review

A total win are LOV FatalMuse Liquid Matte Lipsticks (8,99€ in Muller) with their cushion mousse formula and addictive sweet scent. Indeed, they apply as a mousse with a precise applicator and settle into matte finish after 30 minutes. Their best feature is comfort - they don't dry out your lips and they feel luxuriously creamy. Liquid lipsticks have a thicker formula yet the darker shade must be applied over lipliner to restrain any moving. I also like that LOV lipsticks don't get sticky or completely matte. LOV liquid lipsticks set into rather semi-matte finish. Bare in mind, these are not longlasting or kiss-proof. Nude shades tend to last 3 hours while berry shade sticks for good 5-6 hours. They don't survive eating or drinking. Basically, if you choose comfort over longevity and you still want a pretty matte look, LOV FatalMuse Liquid lipstick is perfect. I'm SO over drying and ultra matte lipsticks that make me look dehydrated and tired after several hours. 

You can pick among 10 shades with stunning nudes and several striking reds. I have 3 different shades:
  • 710 Secret Obsession: neutral nude with pink undertone
  • 720 FATALnude: nude with coral pink tones
  • 780 Bold Attitude: warm medium berry 
LOV FatalMuse Liquid Matte Lipstick 710 Secret Obsession
LOV FatalMuse Liquid Matte Lipstick - 710 Secret Obsession

LOV FatalMuse Liquid Matte Lipstick 720 fatalnude
LOV FatalMuse Lipstick - 720 FATALnude

LOV FatalMuse Liquid Matte Lipstick 780 bold attitude
LOV FatalMuse Lipstick - 780 Bold Attitude
LOV FatalMuse Liquid Matte Lipstick applicator review


  1. Those lipstick shades look lovely on you!

    Emily xo

  2. The colors look amazing on you! These are very similar to Rimmel London ones xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  3. Šminke se berejo čudovito in vsi odtenki so mi svoje zanimiv. Najbolj mi je všeč 710, čeprav na tebi deluje bolj rjavkasto. Na meni bi ziher potegnil na roza :).

  4. I didn't try LOV cosmetics yet but after this post I will try it for sure :)

    Berna from paapatya'blog

  5. Highlighter me je mikal, predvsem zato ker je lep. So mi pa itak všeč taki tekoči highlighterji zaradi izkušenj z L'Orealovim Magic primerjem. Samo to, da se zblenda v skoraj nič, pa ni vzpodbudno.

    Šminke mi zvenijo zelo podobno Revlonovim Ultra HD. Sem jih zelo na hitro preizkusila v Müllerju, ampak nisem počakala, če se kaj posušijo. Samo ta 780 Bold Attitude je pa božanski odtenek :)

  6. Oboje izgleda top! :)

    Ja, se strinjam z Matejo prav lep je tale osvetljevalec :)

    Moram pogledat šminke :)

  7. Čudovita, kot vedno. Najraje pa na koncu pogledam tvoje make up looke - se mi zdi, da ti vse tako lepo pristaja.


  8. Vsi trije odtenki so ful lepi in ti pašejo. Bom mogla preizkusit. :)

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