8 Oct 2017

Metallic Makeup Trend in Drugstores: BeYu Mattalic Try On & Review

BeYu #Mattalic collection review

Metallic trend is slowly stepping on my nerves, it's everywhere. But I was still curious enough to see if drugstore alternatives suit my expectations. There's no way I would spend more than 20€ on a single metallic matte lipstick I would wear only on special occasion. BeYu came out with Mattalic Collection that has high performance while it won't burst your spending bubble. It has a true 80's vibe to it. Actually, BeYu Mattalic Lips  are currently 50% off in all DM stores in Slovenia with a discount code. For a better decision check out my swatches.

BeYu Mattalic collection review

BeYu Metallic Eyes are probably my favourite novelties as they're smudgeproof and really longlasting. I love using them individually or combined with powder eyeshadows for that extra pop of shimmer. They're highly pigmented and have a strong metallic sheen. As far as application goes, Metallic Eyes should be applied quickly. They set really quickly and they might look a bit patchy if you're not careful. I recommend layering with thin layers. The lightest eyeshadow (4 Glint and Glare) is perfect for inner corners, while middle shade (6 Rocking Vibes) is a unique camel taupe with copper sheen. 

Beyu metallic eyes swatches
BeYu Metallic Eyes 4 Glint and glare, 6 Rocking Vibes, 8 Copper Shade ; BeYu The Matt Liner 6, 2, 9

beyu the matt liner

BeYu The Matt Liners come in 4 different shades. The Matt Liner is your standard pen tip eyeliner that is pretty nicely pigmented and fluid. I usually stay away from these type of eyeliner but their performance is pretty good, even over powder eyeshadows. The blue shade is awesome, while I wasn't disappointed even with white eyeliner. It works wonderfully as an added pop of colour. Sadly, there's no true matte black - only dark brown, grey, bright blue and white.

beyu metallic lipsticks

BeYu Metallic Lips (50% additional discount in DM stores until 3.11.) are super fun! But not the most convenient ones. Let's face it - metallic matte lipsticks don't look good on everyone. I wouldn't even recommend it for daily wear except for evening occasions or photographs. Metallic lips look best on camera while in real life they're tricky to pull off. I can't seem to shake off the thought they look old fashioned. However, 04 Gold'n'roses and 06 Perfect Illusion from BeYu Metallic Lips are the only metallic shades I wear on daily basis. 04 is a beautiful nude pink with light coral shift and 06 is a smokey purple with golden sheen. Middle color 10 Nostalgia is a coppery red with blue shift and looks slightly off on my pale complexion. In terms of pigmentation, they have full opacity with 2 layers. Texture is slightly drying, similar to classic matte liquid lipsticks.

Beyu metallic Lips swatches
BeYu Metallic Lips 04 Gold'n'roses, 10 Nostalgia , 06 Perfect Illusion

beyu metallic lips and eyes
Wearing BeYu Metallic Lips 06 Perfect Illusion and Metallic Eyes 4 Glint and Glare

beyu metallic lips and eyes try on

BeYu Mattalic is fun and out of the box. I can't pinpoint any bad product or low performance, while colors and finish is not your usual everyday pick. If you itch to try affordable metallic trend, I would suggest to try one shade from Metallic Lips and Metallic Eyes. The Matt Liner is great if you love to play with bolder colors. My favourites are Metallic Lips 04 (nude rose gold shade) and Metallic Eyes 6 Rocking Vibes (camel taupe with copper sheen).


  1. The metallic liquid lipsticks are gorgeous and they look amazing on you! I wouldn't have the courage to wear them xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  2. OK... TO MORAM MET. :O <3 Ravno sem v iskanju neke metallic šminkice. Super ti pristaja.


  3. Pozdravljena :)

    Kako se ti zdi nanos matt linerja? Jaz imam modrega-blue desire in se nanaša res slabo. Pigmentacija je super, ampak nanos..konica se hitro posuši, tako da se res težko naredi eyeline..ravna črta nekako še gre. Bi rekla, da je za lep nanos potreben čopič

  4. Wow! The shades looks great on you! Thank you for sharing the review and swatches!
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