4 Oct 2017

Korean Skincare Haul: Nature Republic Peeling Mask & Skinfood Fresh Apple Cream

Look at me, refreshing my love towards Korean skincare. I really missed my usual Korean reviews for a while now. Plus I always felt like I haven't really dipped my fingers into their wide range of skincare. I've promised myself I would try at least several Korean skincare bits before the end of this year. Maybe I'm easily impressed these days but I'm already fairly fascinated by their performance. Or at least I choose correctly for my always dry skin. Jolse is my favourite place to browse and shop as it's super easy to navigate, has free worldwide shipping and their offer refreshes regularly with new Korean releases.

Packaging and concept just sucked me in with Skinfood Fresh Apple Cream (13,58$ for 50ml on Jolse). I was curious to see if it smells like real apples as I love a good juicy apple. This specific cream is meant for pore control, meaning it's not the most suitable all-rounder for my dry skin. But I do have a bit of enlarged pores on my chin and nose. Skinfood claims it has Pore Tightening Complex for reducing pores and controlling sebum. I haven't notice any dramatic change but the texture is ultra moisturising, light and easily absorbed. Texture reminds me of fruit sorbet. It's easily a perfect pick for oily and combination skin. And hell yes, it smells like green apples and clean cotton. 

If you fancy a rich sweet facial scrub, you will die after seeing Nature Republic Brown Sugar Scrub Mask (16,13$ for 100ml on Jolse). It's just calling Fall with it's delicious scent and richly infused oil formula. Truly a soothing scrub balm for extra pampering on the weekends. Brown Sugar Scrub Mask is extra potent and leaves a soothing layer on the skin, similar to cleansing oil. That's why I would only recommend this product to dry and normal skintypes. There's a chance you will not love it fairly since it's rich and full of butters/oils. Scrub particles are perfect - effective but still gentle along with strawberry seeds. Nature Republic is known to include natural ingredients. That's why the scent reminds of vanilla sugar and herbs. It's a mask and scrub in one - a multitasker you can also use as a hand scrub. Massive 100ml will most likely not run out before early Spring. 

The book is from Mladinska Knjiga, called Hygge by Marie Tourell Soderberg.

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