9 Aug 2019

My first try of Petit Vour - Cruelty-free Clean Beauty Subscription Box

I've been updated with beauty bits for almost a decade and I felt pretty safe to say I'm a small beauty enthusiast that knows too much. However, since I've started to venture into clean beauty world, I felt lost. Totally lost. It's like opening doors to an undiscovered pandora box. Where to start, what are the best basics and where to find them? I struggled with same questions I usually get asked. One of the first things I came across in clean beauty department was Petit Vour. A pink subscription box that contains only best cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic products. From makeup, skincare to bodycare and haircare. The best part is the affordability and worldwide shipping...  

Petit Vour costs 25$ including worldwide shipping which is a total steal when you'll see the content. It usually comes with one full size product and 3 mini deluxe samples (some of them are honestly full size too). My first box is from July and I couldn't be more happier with it. Clean products (aka not harmful to your body, natural and safe to use) are already incorporated into my skincare routine.

In Petit Vour July 2019 Beauty box I got three samples of clean skincare. Kalos After Hours Soothing Night Cream was a nice surprise to my routine, it's potent but soothing. It locks in moisture and give a fresh appearance to my skin in the morning. I love to pair it with my Fushi Passion Seed Oil. I was especially pleasantly surprised by French Girl Organics Lait de Rose Vitamin C Polishing Wash, a big name in clean beauty world. This polishing wash is everything! I love it so much. It brightens and tightens with antioxidants, vitamin C, amino acids. It's an enzymatic and physical exfoliator made out of bamboo powder and willow bark. I definitely need to try more from this beautiful brand. Last skincare bit is Ursa Major Bright & Easy 3-minute Flash Mask. It's a jelly mask packed with enzymes and my dry skin welcomes it open-handed. Nice feature but nothing spectacular. 

I got the base products for my makeup, which makes me utterly happy. I never owned an eye primer that is safe, natural and clean. Terre Mere Smudge-Proof Anti-aging Eye Shadow Base is not only working as it should, it also contains hyaluronic acid and prevents fine lines. I have hooded eyes and this primer 100% works on me. Eyeshadows are vibrant and don't crease on me. Plus it has a yellow tinge so it counteracts with my blue hint on the eyelids. Antonym Natural Eye Pencil Noir black works well as any other generic pencil. It's surprisingly soft so I like to smudge it along my eyelash line.


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