19 Jan 2011

MAC haul & review

I will dedicate my first blog post to a known brand called MAC.  My blog is actually named by my first MAC dazzleglass Passing fancy :)
Beside dazzleglass I also bought two amazing lipsticks called Angel and Cut a caper and a palette with 4 eyeshadows.My purchase was made in December in Vienna, but the products are still in good shape cuz of their high quality and small consumption.

Following products: 
1. Dazzleglass Passing fancy
These dazzleglass is a limited edition, which came out with the holiday Tartan tale collection. I didn't planned to buy it, but it made a good pair with Cut a caper lipstick. The color is peachy with loads of glitter. But on the lips on it's own it's not so strong like i thought it would be. So it can be combined with other colors of lipstick like pink. I would purchase it again, mostly because of the good consistency,soft brush and glitters,which make your lips fuller :)
2. Cut a caper lipstick
Is a sister of the Passing fancy, so it means it's also a limited edition from Tartan tale. But the good replacement is Peachstock, although it's slightly a darker shade. I must say this is my favorite lipstick because of the unique color, which is difficult to find. It has a lustre finish.
3. Angel lipstick
It's an all time favorite lipstick, which was also a best seller for a long time. I can surely see now, why it's so popular. It gives a nice pinky shine and the consistency is great, so moisturising! It's a nice neutral pinky shade for an everyday use. Although, it can be quite tricky to apply it to cracky lips, cuz it's a frost finish.

4. Custom made palette
I decided to get also my first MAC eyeshadows in a palette, cuz it's more convenient and I wouldn't have problems with de-potting them if I ever decide to expand my eyeshadows in a bigger palette. I choose the famous All that glitters, Shale, Blackberry and Trax. I wouldn't repurchase again Blackberry cuz it's an ordinary matt purple color. I kinda like the name ;) But I'm super happy with All that glitters and Trax, really nice color, which can be used everyday. Overall, I'm not so satisfied with their pigmentation. It's really disappointing for me, cuz all ''make up geeks on youtube'' swear on it. I find, that Urban decay has a much better pigmentation and last longer. So..some unique shades (like Trax, Mulch,Shadowy Lady...) are worth the money, but other shades, that you can find similar in a drugstore or elsewhere aren't worth it's price.

All that glitters, Shale , Trax, Blackberry

All that glitters: Neutral orange-champagne color with lots of fine glitters
Shale: Light Mauvy purple- grey with a frost effect
Trax: warm purple with golden glitters
Blackberry: Matt deep purple


  1. Dobrodošla v Bloggerju! =)
    Tele senčke od MACa so res fuul lepe.
    Mogoče si še pa sama kdaj kupim kaj od MAC-a, čeprav pomoje tud laki niso preveč poceni, ampak kdaj pa kdaj je pa tud treba raskirat =).

    P.S. Zelo mi je všeč barvna tema bloga.

  2. I don't have a MAC eye shadow yet and I'm not sure if I want to have one. As you say all the great make up geeks on YouTube over-hype them. I tried some colours in the store and thougt "aha. nice but you can find similar colours with a similar pigment coating for less money in every drugstore." Great to hear that I'm not the only one thinking this way.

  3. agree agree agree :D
    maybe people like them so much cuz' they are pricy and it's makeup artist brand;)

  4. Hi, Angel je sigurno one of my all time favourites ! s tem ne moreš ''sfalit'' ;)


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