1 Mar 2011

Bourjois: Healthy mix FOUNDATION vs. SERUM Review

Because my Healthy Mix foundation was on it's last leg, I've decided to try out the new version of Bourjois Healthy Mix.  Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is in concept still similar to original Healthy Mix just add a gel formula and you're pretty much there. Now..onto in depth comparison!

- Perfectly glowing complexion & toned skin for 16h
- Fruit therapy for radiance boosting, hydration, energy
- 16h radiance boosting even, revived complexion
- Vitamin rich fruit therapy
- Instant anti-fatigue, blending, undetectable coverage

In a plastic bottle with brown pump
In a glass bottle, sleeker with a white pump
A bit more messy due to white pump but looks better in general
I would generally give a 1+ to Healthy Mix Foundation.

Mostly the same but difference is in so called fruit extracts.
Foundation: apricot, melon, apple,ginger 
Serum: lychee, goji berries, pomegranate

With a brush: Foundation is better
With fingers: Serum is better
Although the serum is lighter and not so thick, I do find foundation better at applying and easier to blend.
1+ to Healthy Mix Foundation

Foundation: more thick, easier to apply, a bit more grayish but still yellow toned
Serum: lighter, almost a bit watery, gel formula , yellow toned
1+ to Healthy Mix Foundation (doesn't slip, better for applying and better match for pink undertones)

Foundation: medium
Serum: sheer/medium. Definitely sheerer than foundation, company states it's a sheer coverage
1+ Healthy Mix Foundation (personal preference: I like medium coverage)

Foundation: semi matte 
Serum: semi matte 
Both tend to be good for normal/dry skin, although oily skin shouldn't have a problem using it (oil free).
1+ for both (I like more dewy finish)

 Bourjois Healthy mix is known by it's fruity smell. Foundations contain perfume and fruit extracts.
Foundation: much more intense smell than serum
Serum: not so intense scent and a bit different from foundation (different fruits)
1+ to Healthy Mix Foundation (because I love original scent )

A winner for me is the regular Healthy Mix foundation but your last choice depends on you. There isn't such a big difference between them (price is almost the same), mainly in the consistency, coverage and packaging. I would definitely give a Healthy Mix foundation more advantage especially because I prefer higher coverage. But they are both great foundations and suitable for every day. A true staple in my stash.