20 Mar 2011

Sigma Flat top kabuki F80

Last week I received a cute small package and I instantly saw tape telling me it's Sigma, again!
It's Sigma's famous brush Flat top synthetic kabuki (F80), which you've already heared about it. So I decided to gave my honest opinion on it.

 I feel in love with the first touch. Soft and dense brush although it has synthetic cruelty-free bristles. 
I'm more of a natural bristles fan but this one took my breath away with first application.

Comparing it to my stippling brush or foundation brush this is an ultimate winner.
 It applies foundation and liquid products effortlessly.
F80 is smaller, but much more denser than regular Sigma stippling brush.

L to R: F80, F50
L to R: F80 , F50

 I use it mostly for liquid foundation, it's perfect for applying and buffing. The result is flawless skin, without any lines or streaks (which I hate and I had to buff it with my fingers).
You can also use it for : blush (powder,cream), powder foundation (makes it full coverage), concealer.
Brush supposedly has Sigmax HD filaments that make your foundation routine easier.

Can be washed like any regular brush. I personally clean it deeply every time with water,baby shampoo and olive oil. The bristles are synthetic so they aren't so delicate as natural ones.
F80 has never shed on me...there wasn't any fall outs. Amazing!

This brush is definitely worth it's money. I would recommend it to anyone since it makes your foundation  routine easier,faster and the brush will serve you for years if you take good care of it.
You can BUY this and other brushes HERE

I also own their Complete brush kit and I'm still stoked with it. I have this brush set for years now and I still love every single brush. 

my beloved complete kit :)
They do have now this kit in many various shades now. You can check Complete brush kit HERE.

Do you have any experiences with Sigma? What's your favourite set/brush?


  1. I just bought this!
    Cannot wait for it to get here!


  2. Great review! I haven't made any purchases from Sigma...but these kinds of reviews make me want to! :]

  3. I realllly wanna try this brush.
    Great review!


  4. I've heard so many amazing things about this brush! I bough the F82 for Christmas but I want to try this one as well. Great post!

  5. love sigma brushes :)

    nice blog btw. :>

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