9 Jun 2011

SWAP goodies from USA

Okay, I just wanted to show you some stuff I received from my special friend Charlene. We've been constantly talking this past few weeks and decided to do a swap. 
I specifically asked her to send me some Physician's formula stuff (and I got 4 of them yaaay) cuz' you can't get them online and their products are ADORABLE! Everything else was her decision and she quite nailed it (okay, I asked for Wet'n wild too). I normally wouldn't wear green eyeshadows but the deep green one is just gorgeous so I can't wait to put it on.

Charlene also has a blog btw, so check her out if you're interested: http://paperbagheart.blogspot.com/
She has some awsome posts about cooking, life, beauty, makeup. And I admit, I read them all! :D

I hope she'll be happy to receive her package as well :)
Again Charlene..thank you a million times for everything and I can't wait to do some more swaps in the future.


  1. Ooo, ful simpatične stvari :) super si se zmenila za tale swap!spodnja vrsta kozmetike na sliki zgleda še posebi zanimiva <3

  2. Awww luštne stvari si dobila <3

  3. Your welcome! Gosh, looking at the pictures again I feel like I should have sent more. :O
    Next time! :D

  4. O, super! Pa si le dočakala PF izdelke :)

  5. jaaa, ne morem verjet da to pride kr u enem tednu do nas :))

    Charlene: don't be so nice :P You know I'm already happy for everything^^

  6. Nice swap goodies!:D Enjoy!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. That's sweet. I just hope the shipping fee here in he philippies to other country is affordable. :(

    Btw, nice blog. Definitely going to follow you. :)
    misskatv beauty straight forwards

  8. zakaj pišeš v angleščini?

  9. ker nočem bit omejena samo na 2 milijona ljudi + vadim svojo angleščino :)

  10. hey i love your blog,i just started following you?could you please follow me too?i will put you in my blogroll if you do,thank you


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