25 Oct 2011

My new babies on the wall and a tiny preview to my room tour

Remember Serena's room from Gossip girl? I feel in love with those butterflies but unfortunately they were custom made out of cans by Paul Villinski. Of course you can find similar paper butterflies on Etsy, but I'm just not drawn to that delicate made butterflies.

Picture from: http://fashionableinteriors.blogspot.com/2011/02/spotted-butterfly-wall.html
Recently I've been spending a lot of time in my room so I had some amazing ideas to make it even more cozy and creative. I'm still searching for a perfect white night table.
So instead of using butterflies, I got an alternative idea by Umbra designs.
As always I had some issues WHERE TO FIND those freaking dragonflies or flower sets. But trusty Ebay never lets me down. I got the white flower set with 25 different sized flowers and my project began.
Firstly I made a model from them on my bed. I slowly started to putting them on my wall and remembering the position of every single one with small paper.

There are 2 easy ways HOW TO put them on a wall. You can pin them with pins (which isn't good idea in Europe, especially with brick walls) or leave it up to 2-sided stickers. Both way are shown in the instructions, so I went for the stickers (although I know they will leave a hell of a work afterwards). So far so good. I have them on for about 2 days and they're still up + the flowers are made from a really light plastic material.

My cat was trying to help me, but she fell asleep in the middle of work.

 I might add 4 or 5 more on my wall.

 The sight from the front.

I also noticed that these kind of flowers appear in Emily's room in Pretty little liars.
Picture from http://www.shewired.com
I had a great experience with this seller: igadgetshop

Hope you'll find it helpful.


  1. i love love love your room and those flowers


  2. They are gorgeous, I'm doing up my room at the moment and something like those would be lovely. X

  3. O, tole pa je ful lepo!

    Pa tvoja mucka je čudovita! Zgleda, da se je hitro utrudila :)

  4. Jaz sem to že opazovala pri YT gurujih in mi je zelo všeč. Bi takoj imela takšne v črni, če bi se jih seveda dobilo pri nas. Serenini metuljčki so pa itak "oh my fluffy lord!". :D Lepo ti pašejo na steno! :)

  5. @moonchild: iste rože in kačje pastirje sem našla tudi v Avstriji- Seiersberg centru (cena okoli 35 evrov).

    thank you all!*

  6. Those look so beautiful! And the color scheme of your room is awesome!!

  7. te imaš drugače v Ljubljani v trgovini FLAT ;) metuljčke, pa kačje pastirje..čeprav so ti cvetovi najlepši. krasna barva stene!


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