20 Nov 2011

Dark dramatic purple smokey eyes look

I had some really fun time creating this look...the only thing that gave me a lot of trouble...were the false eyelashes. I think I'm going to stick with my single lashes because I spent half an hour just applying one lash to my watery eyes. OUCH! But than again...this was my second attempt to apply on ful eyelashes.

I know the lashes aren't perfectly applied on the pictures...but I did correct them after I took these photos.

with flash

For false eyelashes I used DUO Adhesive glue...which is amazing btw. I recommend it to everyone who needs well put on lashes. I cried like a baby when I was applying one lash to my eye...but the glue still stay put as it is waterproof.

-120 palette
- Sleek Storm palette (black and a shade for the eyebrows)
- Eyeko Line and shine pencil- Electric purple
- UD Primer potion
- Max factor Liquid eye pencil- Black
- Kiss false eyelashes

I used the circled colors from the 120-palette

 I hope you liked it. Would you wear colorful smokey eyes on a night out ?


  1. so nice colour :)

  2. Čudovito je ratalo :) Drugače pa jaz včasih tudi za čez dan nosim bolj žive/temne barve, ne samo za zvečer ven. :D

  3. @moonchild: uuu dobra si da si upaš :) Pri meni se to malokrat zgodi.

  4. Love this! You've inspired me to try out a more colourful going out look next weekend when I go out! xx


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