4 Dec 2011

Yoko, one of my beloved cat passed away

Today, I'll dedicate the post entirely to one of my cats. She was with us for almost 2 years and she passed away yesterday, on the 3th of December. She didn't came home for 2 days and we got worried so I went in the near forest and found her body near our house. An unknown dog/animal has killed her. This cat made us laugh, cry and everything else and I never thought you can get attached to a cat so easily. It's almost like a dog or a family member. She gave us some amazing memories and I really hope she's in better place now. I also gathered up some of her photos from being a kitty to a full grown cat.
Now I'm even more attached to the little one we've kept. I'll try to protect him as much as I can.

one of her first pictures, not photogenic at all

still a small kitty

fully grown up

she always made us laugh with those crossed-eyed look

having her first babies

her babies fully adoptable
having fun with one of her babies