8 Jan 2012

Finding dupes (1.part)

I hate when I find a dupe or similar products in my collection. I already own too much make up for a normal person and it always makes me angry realizing I won't use up twice as much of the same color/shade, especially not eyeshadows and lipsticks.
I will start with eyeshadows. There's tons of different eyeshadows nowadays and no wonder I repeated myself not only once...but a few times.

This Comfort Zone Wet n wild palette is packed with Mac eyeshadow dupes. However I only own two of the shades I can compare. The lightest shade in the Wet n wild palette is similar to Mac Nylon it's just a shade too yellow. However...the almost identical dupe for Nylon is MUA mono eyeshadow-shade 1. It's really hard to distinguish them on the skin, the only difference is the texture (Mac eyeshadow is a bit softer).

L to R: MUA shade 1, MAC Nylon, Wet n wild Comfort zone 

 In the same Comfort zone palette is also a decent dupe for Mac All that glitters eyeshadow. Almost identical on the skin.
L to R: Wet n wild eyelid color, Mac All that glitters
Another Wet n wild palette in Greed has two dupable colors in my collection. The matte light nude color is the same as Benefit Low profile eyeshadow. There's almost no difference, except the Benefit eyeshadow is much more soft and a bit hard to work with. The other pink-coral color Wet n wild eyeshadow is similar to Mac Gleam and they are both a bit powdery and full of unnecesarry flecks.

L to R: Wet n wild shade, Benefit Low profile eyeshadow
L to R: Mac Gleam, Wet n wild shade 2
Another HUGE similarity is between Mac Satin taupe and Catrice My first copperware party. They are identical, the small difference is just in the color. Catrice eyeshadow is slightly warmer than Mac Satin taupe but they are practically the same on the eyelids. Unfortunately I can't swatch them because I sold my Satin taupe cuz' of the reason above. I highly recommend checking out this Catrice shade!

Catrice My first Copperware party
Catrice My first copperware party
Mac Satin taupe is the lowest shade
If you're still searching for Mac Ever hip lipstick, you can find a similar shade in the YSL Rouge Volupte in shade 30. Ever hip is slightly more darker than the YSL but they both have a similar concept. They are both creamy (Ever hip is a cremesheen finish) and you get a same result with them. Not to mention the plus side of the YSL-gorgeous packaging.

If you're from US and you can't get Catrice cosmetics there, you're missing out on their lipsticks. Catrice Frozen rose is the prettiest shade in my collection and the Wet n wild lipstick in Think pink is a pretty good dupable shade. However, the Wet n wild lipstick has a matte finish. You can check out the swatch of Catrice lipstick HERE .

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Such posts are so helpful, especially for discontinued items like Ever Hip lipstick! Hmmm I like this WNW palette! It probably won't stop me from purchasing Nylon or All that Glitters but hey ho, at least it's affordable so it won't break the bank! xx

  2. Ah, potem pa treba it v nabavo po First Copperware Party, še preden gre ven ( ali pa celo ostane v kolekciji?)

  3. @cbsg5861: Yup...try those Mac eyeshadows but don't buy the palette hihi :) there is a difference in the texture(although wet n wild are soft but too much fall out)
    @Gone2RehabBRB: a res? nisem vedela da gredo iz kolekcije tudi kakšna senčila :O vem samo da še pride nekaj novih.


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