7 Apr 2012

Mac Viva Glam Nicki & Gaga lipstick Review

Is Mac Nicki too similar to Viva Glam Gaga lipstick? Do I really need another pink lipstick? I did predict main difference in the warm and cool undertones but that never played the main rule for not comparing 2 pink lipsticks. It's especially hard to buy different shades of lipsticks without having a look at both at the same time.

L to R: Viva glam Gaga, Viva glam Nicki

Gaga (baby pink) is a lustre 
Nicki (neon warm pink) is a satin

Gaga is much more transparent and hydrating, not enhancing the lines and must be layered a couple of times
Nicki is opaque, gives the exact color from the tube and settles into the lip lines easily

Gaga is a cool light baby pink  (really wearable)
Nicki is a neon warm pink, almost on the border of a hot coral-pink

Gaga is not drying as the Nicki one but it's still necessary to apply lip balm
Nicki is drying out your lips after a day of wearing

Gaga stays on the lips for reasonable time - 4 hours
Nicki stays on for quite a while and leaves a stain on the lips- 6 hours 
L to R: viva glam Nicki, viva glam Gaga
Choosing the right lipstick is based on everyone's own preference. I do like both but Viva Glam Nicki is just a bit more special. I also find Viva Glam Gaga to be a bit too similar to my other lipsticks and you can find lots of similar shades in the drugstore. As for the Nicki lipstick, it's widely avaliable in the Mac stores for a year.


  1. Oh I love my VG Nicki. I know it's super bright but it surprisingly works on my skintone. Great comparison post!

  2. I love both these colours. Especially nicki's one. It's gorgeous xx

  3. Nicki is gorgeous. Not sure if I'll be able to pull it off though. The heart shaped egg is just so cute. Happy Easter.

  4. I got Nicki lipstick too and I just love the color so much! It's so vibrant and neon!!!! But this dupe it seems amazing!!!! ;)
    CHECK OUT the post on my BLOG about it!!!
    MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick


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