14 May 2012

Bourjois: Flower perfection review and vs. Healthy mix

As most of you already know, Bourjois Healthy mix is my all time favorite foundation! I love it cuz' of the finish, coverage, smell....and definitely the price (about 14€). Now and then I get bored of it so I thought I would try relatively new sister in the family- Flower perfection.

I don't mind about the packaging if the product works, however I do find Flower perfection foundation too bulky and inconvenient to travel- glass bottle. The sponge that comes along is okay, but not necessary- would be great for sponge nail art. Plus...you can't get all of the foundation out without using your fingers. Not to mention the name and signs rubs off!

It's a bit thicker foundation than the Healthy mix but it's lovely applied with the brush and fingers.

As I said...the Flower perfection is a bit thicker than the other previous Bourjois foundations. It also oxidizes on my skin which is a bit unusual for my experiences while the Healthy mix stays the same. The plus side of the Flower perfection has also SPF 15 which was the reason I got it in the first place.
Flower perfection has a full coverage which is also stated on the bottle. And yes, it's really a full coverage while the Healthy mix is more of a medium coverage. I definitely use less of this foundation because of the coverage it gives. I can definitely see a correlation between the name (perfection) and the full coverage.

Finish is full-on matte so it's a bit dissapointing for me - I love semi-matte or dewy finish. However it was my own fault not noticing the label. I don't know how the matte foundation can make your skin more beautified but that's my own opinion being a dewy look fan. Matte and full coverage isn't my interpretation of good-looking skin.

L to R: Flower perfection being oxidized (51), Healthy mix (51)

The smell isn't so nice as the Healthy mix fruit smell....it's definitely more chemical and perfumey...I suppose that's the SPF's fault.


Flower perfection
  • If you like FULL COVERAGE, MATTE foundations
  • Great for a night out, hot weather (applied thinly with a damp brush)
Healthy mix
  • If you like MEDIUM COVERAGE, SEMI-MATTE (NATURAL) foundations
  • Great for an every day wear

You can already guess which one is still my nr.1!
By the way, I wanted to show you my latest creation in the kitchen. I made dark chocolate-mint cupcakes for my boyfriend's birthday. They aren't looking so bad right?... although the taste is all that matters and they were pretty good for my first solo attempt (without my sister) :)


  1. Super primerjava, bom tudi jaz ostala pri HM serumu in tile Muffini izgledajo prav slastni in mamljivi

  2. really great post!
    I think I'am going to try it out!


  3. Great review, thank you! I wanted to ask you what skin type do you have? and which one would you recommend for combination skin?

    1. I have dry/combination skin. Mostly dry cheeks and oily nose. This is actually perfect for combination skin or maybe try Garnier Perfect Blur primer :)

    2. For foundation is best Bourjois Healthy Mix since it's not too matte :)


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