23 May 2012

Small drugstore haul + possible MAC dupes

My bathroom needed some new everyday goodies so I went and splurge a bit more than I expected.
Honestly, I can totally justify everything to myself, even the extra bits.
Never send a make-up lover in the drugstore for essentials!

OLAZ (aka German version of Olay) daily cream for SENSITIVE SKIN is already my 4-5th purchase.
I had some other creams in between but I ALWAYS return back to this little guy.
The price is pretty neat (5-6€), it does it's job, great as a makeup base and it has an SPF 15!
 Although I do mix every cream with my trusty Eucerin Anti-pigment for a better sun protection (SPF 30).

Bebe Quick&Clean Gel is lovely for removing make-up in the 2nd step, after cleaning the eye area.
Never stings my skin or eyes so it's really gently to the skin.
I used Bebe foam in the past but I can't find it anywhere. I guess they canceled out the foam, such a shame.

 I was never too picky about the nail polish remover.
Actually, I always buy the 2nd cheapest in the store.
I was always happy with my Essence removers so I get them now and then.
I'm especially excited about this one, which smells like papaya and coconout, lovely smell for summer.

Finally Max Factor Fantasy fire!
I've been desperately waiting for this nail polish since UK girls started posting pictures.
It's AMAZING! You definitely need it in your life.
It's really sheer so it's lovely on a dark base.

Do I really NEED more lipsticks, do I?
Definitely not but after seeing some comparison of Mac Impassioned-Catrice Kiss Kiss Hibiscus and Mac Watch me simmer (I would say Party parrot)-Catrice Colour bomb I had to get them.
They look pretty similar but they have different finishes, a slight color difference and different packaging.
I was pretty excited LE Revoltaire is still popping out everywhere.

And are they really dupable to Mac lipsticks? See for yourself and judge!
I also found a lovely comparison  HERE and nice picture comaprison HERE.
L to R: Catrice Kiss Kiss Hibiscus, Catrice Colour bomb

Ever since I got Mac Viva Glam Nicki, I'm obsessed with bold lip colors. No more neutral pinks for me!
I think I will need a lipstick restriction soon.
Lots of love!


  1. hell yeah for bold lips!

    1. high five! I also added a link to your comparison :)

  2. Love what you got, the nail varnish looks really pretty! :)


  3. Nice little haul. At the very bottom underneath the last picture you put "Catrice Watch me Simmer" haha just thought I'd let you know :)

    1. HAHA, thank you for noticing and telling me about it ;)

  4. Ko porabim svojo kremo pa res moram sprobat tole Olaz kremico

  5. the lipstick looks lovely!
    looks a really smooth colour! which is hard to find with bright lipsticks

  6. tale lak sem si pa tud jaz kupila zadnjic v MB:) je bil must have:) hehe


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