14 Jun 2012

Nars Gaiety blush review and swatches

Nars Gaiety is permanent, yay! 
Initially I thought it was only limited for Spring 2012 but after some research it's obvious it's a new addition to the Nars blush family.

It's a BRIGHT blue toned pink with tiny speckles of silver shimmer visible only on the sun.
It's buildable but sheer at the same time. I'm not entirely sure if it would be visible on a darker skin tone than Mac NC25. Maybe just to perk up the cheeks?
It's definitely more lighter and cool toned than Nars Angelika or Desire.
 Looks absolutely lovely on really fair skin but I do find it a bit more warm on my skin than in the actual pan. But it's definitely one of the brightest in my collection. I must admit...I was a bit dissapointed it didn't transfered on the cheeks with the actual color in the pan.

I love the usual Nars packaging but I store Nars blushes really carefully.

On sun light
If you're in love with cool toned pinks...this is definitely A MUST for you.
It's one of my favorites and I reach for it constantly. Worth every penny for me!
L to R: sheer application with a brush, swatched with fingers and buildable
On the sun light
 Not to mention the name GAIETY....makes me smile every time after I googled what it means. They are truly the best in naming their blushes.
Any recommendations for other Nars blushes? What's your favorite?


  1. Gaiety is a pretty color. I have NARS angelika and liking it so much. I am a lover of pink blush and I think I should get this too :)

  2. This blush is so cute! I used to always wear pink blushes until one day a MAC mua told me that because I'm so pale they just don't suit me! So I rarely ever wear pure pink blushes now! Don't know why that matters, but anyway this is still on my list haha x

    1. Really? I find pinks being the best choice for me and I'm pale too! Which shades were recommended?

  3. I just googled it too! It means high spirit, right?
    I like this colour! :) x



    1. yes, something like that! At first I only found gay movement ;)

  4. That is like absolutely beautifulll :O I just like got my first one recently *love* I think I need to have this now... The quality is just amazingg :) any NARS recommendations for tan skin? :D

    1. you need it if you're looking for a bright pink :)
      I would say Nars Luster or Taj mahal!
      have fun

  5. Thanks for the swatches! It's really helpful that you mentioned the colour doesn't appear on the cheeks as like in the pan. Hopefully, one day NARS brings another bright colour out that doesn't appear too warm or so on the cheeks. NARS Gaiety is on my wishlist. It'd be also my first NARS blusher.


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