30 Aug 2012

Hong Kong SWAP with Jacq

A month ago I fell in love with ASIAN brands which were totally new for me.
It was a new discovered excitement with lots of cute packaging, affordable prices, really nice performance and undiscovered jewels.

What a better way to try even more of asian products than arranging a swap with a sharp-Asian girl Jacq from Beauty Sketch by Jacq. She is a talented girl with lots of cute blog posts.

She picked out PERFECT products just by mentioning some brands and some random products!
She was even kindly enough to send some extras...
and  must have/try SHEET MASKS.
 Isn't the packaging of everything just adorable?!

I already had to try out everything as always...

- Lioele Skin Fix Powder pact- Moisture type (21)
Amazing medium coverage and finish- I like it even better than my Mac Mineralize Skinfisih Natural.
The finish is not to powdery and covers pores wonderfully.

- Lioele Triple Eyeshadow- 09 Maple Brown
Pigmentation is great and the shades are really shimmery as most asian eyeshadows.

- Lioele Dollish Lipstick 6
Medium pink with creamy finish. Super nicely to apply and it's a good dupe for Mac Angel lipstick.

I'm super happy with everything she picked out!
I have to give an honorable mention to sheet masks- they work and each of them has a list of amazing ingredients. 
You can also check out HERE what I got her.
 Lots of love,


  1. Azijski izdelki majo res najbolš luštno embalažo :)

  2. The packaging of these make up is so pretty! Great swap!! X

  3. I love Asian packaging too so I collect Japanese and Korean products whenever I see them. I just bought a few products from Korean brand Missha so I'll do a haul post of those soon!

  4. Hi Sara,
    I would sure love to try out those Liole products as well! :-) Heard so many good things about them!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    1. you have to try them!
      Nice job on your new blog post ;)

  5. Ooh, this sounds so fun! Especially with the Asian brands that might not be as easy to get a hold of where you live. I have heard of Lioele products but I have not tried them myself. The only thing I have used in terms of Asian makeup is the Missha BB cream which I do like a lot.

    1. I want to try that Missha BB cream too! I've heard it has a really good coverage and some light shades.

  6. Wow that packaging is so beautiful! xx



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