28 Oct 2012

Party face: Feeling like a zombie

Since I went to a Halloween party I decided to play with liquid latex and blood gel from Mehron.
I also did quite a heavy make-up (for some) and rocked Dior lipstick Mysterious mauve(post HERE).
Honestly, I felt like a real zombie since NOBODY was dressed up or had a slight sign of Halloween.
Nevertheless I got tons of compliments and didn't really care on the end if I was the only one.
Majority even wanted to touch my wound!

 Why so serious?
 I guess I was already preparing for a zombie face,hehe.
Did you dressed up for a Halloween party? 
Thank god I didn't ''latex'' my entire face! :)
Guess Halloween tradition isn't so popular around here.


  1. O wow, hudooo! Pa kok maš noro čupo, love it!

  2. Amazing wound, love it! Screw people who don't party ahah =P

  3. The 'wound' looks really realistic! :O

  4. You're hair and the wound look amazing! xxx

  5. The wound is does so well - truly creepy in a good way ;)

    1. Could do a bit better but it's quite nice for my second time :) thank you!

  6. It was a great artificial works . Many people see this pictures they are really try to this.
    liquid latex parties

  7. beautiful zombie face


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