15 Nov 2012

FOTD and a new hobby (for all nail polish freaks)

Lately, my life has been really hectic. 
I'm getting more and more responsibilites since it's my last year of psychology and the degree.
Having my regular lessons and trying to study as much as I can.
Not to mention I have to do my major practice and got a really hard exam in my way.
Anyone else in the same position?
However I did manage to take a quick photo of my current foundation routine.
(Gosh, my hand looks enormous, lol)
And since I'm so busy I had to find another hobby- really smart Sara!
I was inspired by THIS BLOG POST (it's in German but you can get the idea from those beautiful pictures) and started doing my own nail polish rings.
I ordered some cabochons and ring bases...and here's the result!
 These are only one style of rings but you can get various other shapes (lace ovals, squares, teardrops...)
Many of you already make their own jewelry so who am I to give you a lesson, right?
If you have any questions where to get all the ''equipment'' just let me know.


  1. Delajo prstanov s pomočjo laka je tako zabavno. A to si naročala s kake tuje strani?

    1. Iz Ebaya in Etsy-ja. Bi morala pred naročilom še pogledati po Artu, verjetno jih imajo, predvidevam ;)

  2. They look so nice.
    I am interested in where you bought the supplies if you do not mind my asking.

    1. Of course.
      Teardrop ring&glass: http://www.etsy.com/shop/kawaiisupply007?ref=pr_shop_more
      Oval rings on the pic:

      you can find loads with words like ''ring base'',''cabochan'' but these were the cheaper findings for me :)

  3. You look beautiful! The rings are gorgeous, they seem fun and easy to do.

  4. I love your freckles, so cute <3 You look pretty!!
    I wanna do my own rings, too! Thanks for the tip.


  5. Nail polish rings sound like a fun activity! :D I've heard about them but don't really know how or where to get the items locally though. >__< I guess I need to look a little harder, haha~

    1. Yeah, it's quite hard to find them. Maybe in any art/craft store :)

  6. these rings are soooo pretty!! well done you :)
    love your make up too. xx

  7. ohhh the rings are so pretty, and so colorful!! plus, you know no-one else will have them haha loved your purple hair in the Halloween photos

    Miranda M. | Pretty Squared

  8. You're so pretty :O x



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