16 Dec 2012

Catrice Siberian call LE blush review

Siberian call already make their move on our shelves.
On first sight I wasn't interested in any of the items.
But these blushes aren't your ordinary cream blushes- they turn into powder afterwards.

I choose the lightest shade CO2 Rose's wood - light peachy-salmon color.
I was intrigued by the longetivity- stays on the cheeks for entire day without fixing it with powder.
The texture is lightweight- almost comparable to mousse and really easy to blend out.
Finish is semi-matte but in no way looking powdery or cakey.
Warning! You have to spread it a bit quicker since it can stain if you're too slow.

 Compared to other shades, it's more vivid than Maybelline Dream touch Apricot and a bit pinker.
 It's waaaay peachier than Nyx Boho Chic and less dewy.
 And a toned down version of Stila Gladiola. The other Siberian call CO1 Coral al al al blush seems to be a perfect dupe for Stila Gladiola.

L to R: Nyx Boho chic, Catrice Rose's wood, Maybelline Dream touch Apricot, Stila Gladiola

It's been a week and I'm still wearing this blush on everyday basis- the color really brightens and stays put the entire day without a problem.
Cons? Nothing! Would love to try even more shades though.
Price: about 4€