6 Dec 2012

Christmas mail love from US

I have a slight feeling that December swap with Charlene from Paperbagheart (restarted-looking good!) will become our small tradition
I already think of her like my second sister and wish her all the best in everything.
If she wasn't sooo far away- I'm pretty sure we would have even better friendship.
She always takes time to reply on any of my messages and believe me- she has a pretty full schedule.
Really really really hope to meet her in the future!

You can see our last Christmas swap HERE and HERE (not to mention that's only half of stuff).
This year I've been craving after warm scents - Europe has mostly only sweet,fruity scents.
Charlene picked up ideal products from Bath&Body works.

Do I need any more words? Cuteness overload.
Oh, and Tarte Foursome set of blushes is just AMAZING.
Let me know if any of you would like to see a review (since you can still get it).

I really hope Charlene will love my part as well.
If not...I will try better next time.