20 Jan 2013

Top Blush: Illamasqua Katie Powder Blusher

 I generally love pink shades on myself, especially when it comes to blushes. 
I'm more of a neutral skintone but I tend to stick with cooler shades since I'm really fair.
Illamasqua Katie is definitely top of the top in pink blush range- PERFECT for snow whites like myself.

Color 5/5
It's a white based pink with matte finish- Illamasqua says ''soft candy pink, matt finish''.
Would be PERFECT for girls under NC15 and even up to NC25. 
However it can give a white cast on deeper skintones.

Pigmentation 5/5
 Extremely good pigmentation and easily buildable. 
Just be careful not to overload the brush.

Texture 5/5
Outstanding texture - one of the softest blushes I own.
It makes your cheeks glowing with that winter-innocent dollish look.

Packaging 4.5/5
I like the unique square design but a bit boring.

I religiously wear Katie almost every day and it became a definite staple in my stash.
I could hardly even stop using it!
No need for any other pink blush in my opinion.

It's one of a kind blusher but I did manage to find similar colors. 
Benefit Dandelion is way warmer, darker and with shimmers.
Estee Lauder Rose nuance is quite close if you match the right side.
Babyface Petit blusher 01 is almost identical in color but with more gritty texture.

Price is quite high and I couldn't justify 21€ just for a blusher.
But after trying it out and definitely see the quality in the soft texture and amazing color pay-off.
You can get Illamasqua products from their website HERE or sometimes on Asos HERE.

Did you try any Illamasqua products? Which one do you recommend?


  1. This one is on my wish list along with Tremble! I don't have any shade like it yet, but I am kind of postponing my purchase because of the price tag..

    1. You won't regret it, I promise! Seems like any other pink blush but when you see it in person and touch it...you'll see the difference :) It's hard to capture such a light marshmallow cream color on the picture.
      Tremble caught my attention too...but you're right about the price. Puts you a bit off since you can get almost any other high end brand for that kind of money.

  2. What a perfect blush, it's gorgeous xx

  3. The colour looks so lovely! :)

  4. I love Illamasqua's powder blushes! My faves are Lover and Tremble!!

  5. I only have one Illamasqua blush, Lover. It's such a beautiful apricot/peachy shade! Illamasqua blushes are a tad on the expensive side, but they are definitely worth splurging for.

  6. just found your blog & love all the makeup tips! Your eye makeup looks gorgeous in the above picture!

    new follower :)


  7. Such a pretty blush. I own one illamasqua blush and thats 'Ambition' the pigmentation is amazing!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  8. I have never tried a Illamasqua blush before but I was super lucky to win one in a giveaway recently and I chose Tremble, hope it will suit me x

    1. You're indeed lucky! I fancy Tremble too, such a vibrant color :)

  9. That blush suits you very nicely! I have to Illamasqua blushes, panic and lover and I love them both!

    1. OMG, Lover looks amazing! Might that one in the near future. Thank you for sharing :)

  10. Gorgeous colour, I have Tremble and I use it all the time, I love it :-)


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