2 Mar 2013

Benefits of crystal nail files and GIVEAWAY

Ever since I've heard about crystal nail file amazing ability to improve nails- I've been searching for good quality ones. Til' now I was content with ''my local find''- drugstore glass file. 
Served me well for about a year but it broke after couple of months - my clumsiness and no safety pocket.
Recently I came across Mont-Bleu which has certified Swarovski elements crystal glass files.
Not only they are great quality but they're CUTE with those little Swarovski gems!
I'm a big hater of cheaply made gems but these look so pretty and classy in person.
Did I mention the best quality crystal files come from Czech Republic?
Crystal is high quality glass.

WHY CRYSTAL NAIL FILES over emery board files?
- They can last up your entire life
- They don't wear out
- Super fine grit makes it easier to file your nails
- You can wash them with water
- More gentle than emery board files
- They don't cause chips and breaks of the nails (or reduce it)
The only cons I could find is that they file really good- so you can shorten your nails too much too quickly. They can also break them easily if you're not careful.

Crystal nail file is now crucial in my nail care routine- along with a base coat and Burt's bees cuticle cream. No more emery board files for me!
My nails can finally grow but I they still chip now and then. I just have brittle inherited nails but the condition got 80% better using crystal nail files.
I'm sure you'll find tons of crystal nail file reviews so I suggest you to check them out since I'm no nail expert.

I also pick out a pair of Swarovski earrings since I was already on Mont-Bleu site.
Another fear of looking too tacky but they turned out to be GORGEOUS!
Already got tons of compliments on these babies and they shine multidimensional.
Picture just doesn't do them justice.

Staff from Mont-Bleu is really kind so they gave me a full size crystal nail glass file with Swarovski details for YOU! Just enter this GIVEAWAY down below and I'll pick up a winner on 24th March 2013.
You can also check out freely their online storeFacebook , Twitter

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  1. I've never tried an glass file before. It wouldnt let me leave my GFC name but its Hollie Galvin/ h0lliedays.blogspot.com :)

    1. Oh thank you for noticing and leaving it here :)

  2. I've never even seen a crystal nail file in my drugstores! I think they sound amazing. Emery boards need to be replaced often -.-

    GFC Name: Hollie Forrest

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Sem že gledala te pilice, pa nisem vedla če so res dobre ali samo lepo izgledajo :) Meni se tudi nohti grozno cepijo, tako da bo treba poizkusiti še tele :)

    GFC: Lux

  4. OOOooo great colour! Love a bit of sparkle. Just need to grow my nails now.

  5. Se strinjam steklene pilice so najboljše! Sedaj imam sicer na preizkusu Alessandro nego za nohte in roke, pa bomo videli kaj bo. Imam kar malo boje, ker sem se navadila, da lahko s stekleno pilico piliš v obe smeri.

  6. wowo great
    my gfc :icequeen81

  7. Pretty!! Here's my GFC: Cindy

  8. Bi rada poskusila tole pilico... čudovito izgleda. :D GFC: Maja

  9. Oooh I've never tried a glass nail file before, but I would love to :-)

    GFC: claire


  10. Tele pilice so super! Imam veliko in malo ter eno za podplate, z vsemi sem zelo zadovoljna! Priporočam!

  11. Nice! I'd like to try crystal files myself! :)
    I follow you through GFC as Oana.

  12. Steklene pilice so res zakon. Trenutno imam eno poceni verzijo, ki se je zelo hitro obrabila ponekod, tako da bi mi ta bolj kvalitetna res prav prišla...pa še nohti se mi ne cepijo več, tako da zmaga na celi črti :)
    GFC: Irena

  13. Ja meni so tudi všeč, imam jo od Credo <3 pa lepe nohtke imaš :)
    gfc: Jana D.

  14. Please enter me. :) always wanted to try these files.
    GFC Alex

  15. Looks lovely x

    GFC: mollance

  16. Ze dolgo si zelim sprobat tako pilco, samo si ne upam investirat ker nevem ce bo delovala na mojih nohtih, ker imam izredno trde. Morm uporabljat pilco za gel nohte da si jih splih lahko popilim.
    Mislis da bi slo?

    Gfc: Alja


    1. Ojoj, potem so te taprave zate :D so že skoraj preostre za krhke nohte hehe :)

  17. Joj, kako je luštna :)
    Se strinjam,da so najboljše :)
    GFC: Deja

  18. Hello from your new follower on gfc and bloglovin
    first of all, i love this blog very much! so many wonderful things here!

    This post is so great, i've been thinking about getting a crystal nail file since i never cut my nails and i always break the other ones. Pros and cons have really helped me making my decision and i'm getting one :D

    Thank you

    Miss MacManus


  19. Amazing giveaway, these files are so unique and super gorgeous!
    GFC name is Latasha JJ!


  20. Sem si kupila eno poceni stekleno pilico pa se ja takoj obrabila in nikakor nisem mogla verjet kako so lahko ene tako zelo navdušene, sedaj pa vem da je razlika če piše na pakiranju ali je steklena ali kristalna ;)
    Upam, da zadenem tole, če ne si jo pa sama naročim pa še eno za mami :)

  21. thank you for such a lovely giveaway! my GFC name is 'sophielou' :)

  22. My GFC name is 'Alessandra Peters'
    avpeelde{at}gmail{dot}com :) xo

  23. GFC follower: Damla

    annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo (dot) com

  24. Steklene pilice so zakon :) Hvala za giveaway, sledim ti preko GFC kot Ina

  25. It's so pretty! GFC: Christina Dragan

  26. Fantastic giveaway!!! Thank you!!!
    Gfc: Kalhmera Olh Mera
    email: litsa.charatsiari@gmail.com

  27. Ohh so exciting! my bday is on the 23rd, my gfc follower name is daniela dodel
    thank you
    dani ♥

  28. Spremljam te kot Taya. :)


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