20 Apr 2013

Galactic Mermaid - Darling Girl Persuasion

Since I'm one of Glamour Girls (HERE) I can do a Pick of the Week (POTW) for Darling Girl store.
I can choose whatever product from DG and goes on 20% off sale for all.
Shipping is worldwide and varies from 3$ (in baggies) to 8$ (in jars).
You can get my pick for 20% off HERE.

For my first round I picked out Persuasion- my first true love.
It's a MUST if you love eyeshadows!
This eyeshadow made me interested in Darling Girl and duochrome eyeshadows.
Persuasion is a lilac/purple with gold/green shimmer depending on the light.
It's vibrant color but golden shimmer make it wearable even on a casual day.

I use all my pigments with a sticky base since they can fall off easily.
The best base in my opinion is Darling Girl Superstar Serum (great for making liners as well) and Fryinnae Pixie Epoxy. NYX Jumbo Eye pencil- Milk does a good job too.
Highly suggest applying loose shadows with fingers on bigger surface - unpractical but with more color payoff.

Rest of the PRODUCTS
Revlon Colorstay foundation 150 Buff
Laura Mercier Mineral Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer & NYX Taupe
Darling Girl (DG) Blush - Living Dead Gurl
MAC highlighter- Whisper of Gilt

Alverde Brow Gel- Blonde
Etude House 10h Proof Base
NYX Jumbo Eye pencil-Milk
DG Superstar Serum
DG Promethius (highlight)
DG Grown Men Cry (light blue)
Wet n Wild - Drinking a Glass of Shine & Shimmer the Night Away
Catrice Gel liner 050
Random false lashes

NYX Round lipstick - Power
Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss

Do you like Persuasion?
Any other eyeshadow colors from DG that I should pick in the next round?
You can get this week POTW in store HERE.


  1. This looks amazing - your super talented!

    Megan xxx

  2. Im more into neutrals, but I really like your seastar hair clip it is just gorgeous

  3. Your eye make-up is amazing!! Such a good look Sara x

  4. zelo ti paše tale make up..ful te poživi <3

  5. Sara I love this sooooooo much. im a big fan or mermaids and nautical stuff

    1. I know *.* You should be wearing this sea star! :)

  6. Your eyes look absolutely stunning. Great job :)

    Oh just one more!

  7. Will check this store out when my spending ban is over, remind me!

  8. It looks totally gorgeous on you, especially as it goes with your hair so well!
    Great post, soo tempted by this now :)

    I'd love it if you took a look at my blog here!: RebeccaRuby - A lifestyle blog

    Becca x

  9. Love the color combo you used! But I'm definitely more obsessed with your hair(color)! You definitely know how to rock it!




  10. Tlele zgledaš pa res k kakšna morska deklica! Super pretty! <3

  11. So beautiful, those colours look stunning on you! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  12. you look great!:)

    Now following you hun, would love it if you could check out my blog?:)

    - Hannah xxx

  13. Oh wow, this looks awesome! It definitely reminds me of a galactic mermaid! :)

  14. You're absolutely adorable! I love this look!

  15. Girl , you are soooooo pretty <3


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