14 Apr 2013

Swap Love Package from Claudia (UK)

If you follow me on Twitter you might noticed I love to interact with Claudia.
She's a fellow Blogger/Youtuber and pretty darn good at it!
We actually ''met'' through constant reading of our blogs and commenting :)
I also won a Giveaway from her in our early start-  Still cherish cute box and a card.
Claudia was nice enough to offer me some help finding Rimmel Apocalips and that started our small swap.
I was super excited to pick out things for her since she's really an amazing girl.
Our ''taste'' in make-up is quite similar so that made it extra fun!

Everything came packed in pastel pink packaging with cute card notes.
Special treats just made my day- Cadbury brings out memories since I was in their factory 6 years ago.
Me and my dad already ate jelly tots (her favourite) so they didn't make it through first hour.

I got Rimmel Apocalips in Luna and Stellar- both amazing shades.
You can see Stellar swatched on Claudia HERE.
I also used up my favorite nude 17 Beehive lippie and got another one in new amazing packaging!
Who wouldn't like a mirror with the lipstick?

Last was the Topshop cream blusher in Morning Dew.
The packaging is way too cute!
Claudia picked out perfect color for me - bright/neon warm toned pink.

I'm super grateful for meeting Claudia way back in the start!
It's a real excitement to meet new people through my favourite hobby.
You can check out her blog HERE.


  1. Hehe... ves blogerski svet je že nabavil Rimmel Apocalips (tudi sama imam dva odtenka). :D

  2. Oh, tile swapi so tako dobra ideja! Upam, da bom tudi jaz lahko kdaj izvedla kakšnega.
    Res dobre stvari si dobila in Cadbury je the best!

    1. Super izkušnja je- sploh odvijati vse skupaj. Čimprej najdit kakšno punco pa bo :)

  3. Joj kako lep blush! Komaj čakam swatch :)

  4. This looks so cute :)

    Now following you on GFC and would be great to get a follow back, if you would like to follow each other? :)

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  5. She picked some really nice products for you :) I'm curious about the topshop blush!

    1. Yes indeed :) I already took photos- review will be up til' tomorrow.

  6. So glad you like everything. Your pics look fab! Can't wait to do another swap with you and i'm soooo glad we met too :)


  7. I think that it is super cute that you have done this .

    Charlotte x

    1. Aww thank you :) You should do it too!

    2. The Topshop blush looks so pretty! I've always wanted to try their makeup, I love the packaging! Polka dots are my favorite! :) It's always fun doing swaps, I love it! <3


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