14 Apr 2013

Swap Love Package from Claudia (UK)

If you follow me on Twitter you might noticed I love to interact with Claudia.
She's a fellow Blogger/Youtuber and pretty darn good at it!
We actually ''met'' through constant reading of our blogs and commenting :)
I also won a Giveaway from her in our early start-  Still cherish cute box and a card.
Claudia was nice enough to offer me some help finding Rimmel Apocalips and that started our small swap.
I was super excited to pick out things for her since she's really an amazing girl.
Our ''taste'' in make-up is quite similar so that made it extra fun!

Everything came packed in pastel pink packaging with cute card notes.
Special treats just made my day- Cadbury brings out memories since I was in their factory 6 years ago.
Me and my dad already ate jelly tots (her favourite) so they didn't make it through first hour.

I got Rimmel Apocalips in Luna and Stellar- both amazing shades.
You can see Stellar swatched on Claudia HERE.
I also used up my favorite nude 17 Beehive lippie and got another one in new amazing packaging!
Who wouldn't like a mirror with the lipstick?

Last was the Topshop cream blusher in Morning Dew.
The packaging is way too cute!
Claudia picked out perfect color for me - bright/neon warm toned pink.

I'm super grateful for meeting Claudia way back in the start!
It's a real excitement to meet new people through my favourite hobby.
You can check out her blog HERE.