17 Apr 2013

Topshop Cream Blusher - Morning Dew

 Topshop make-up and clothes are just awesome.
I wish they sold their make-up range in every Topshop store. 
Lucky enough- my UK girls always help me to catch some of their make-up bits.
*Already looking at their lipstick range*

Topshop Cream Blusher in Morning Dew is a perfect example of cream to powder blush.
The texture changes into a powder form once it's blended.
Feels really creamy at first but not too thick.
It spreads out like a dream and can be easily used with fingers or a brush.
I personally like semi-matte finish but if you're searching for a ''natural-glowy look product'' this isn't for you.

The longevity is great- stays on for entire day and doesn't smudge or transfer.
I could actually call it a powder blush but without ''over-powdery look''.
The color was difficult to capture so I took advantage of flash.
It's a bright/neon warm pink (like dragonfruit) and gives a natural flush.
Looks less bright once applied but still vibrant enough to make you look younger.

All in all I really like all Topshop products I own (including highlighter).
I would definitely like to try other colors too.
 I'm not sure but is their color range always changing?
PROS: longlasting, vibrant color, easy application, adorable packaging, great for all skin types (oily too)
CONS: packaging can get easily dirty, color range
Rating: B+


  1. I never actually tried one of their blushers until I swatched them trying to find a colour for you and they do feel really lovely. In my store they only have 4 shades all together :(Great pics :) x

    1. Yeah, they kind of downsized color selection :/ Maybe they'll bring out newer colors :D Get one for yourself too- I'm in love <3

  2. It's so pretty! Looks super bright in the pan but I guess it's okay once blended out, haha~

  3. The packaging is cute but you are right, it can get dirty really fast :/
    The blush color is pretty!

  4. Looks so gorgeous, omgsh! x

  5. This looks beautiful :) They recently opened a Top Shop in Cape Town (South Africa) so I will be sure to check it out. Thanks for the helpful review :)


  6. This looks like such a beautiful colour! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  7. I have always been so curious about these TopShop blushes. I don't have a TopShop near me to check them out though. This looks lovely. I don't need anymore blush, I am such a blush hoarder!

    1. I wish their make-up would be more accessible :/
      I love blushes too!

  8. this is too cute and in such lovely shades! x



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