4 Jun 2013

Turquoise Nails: Bourjois 22 & Etude House Ice cream BL601

 Lately I've been loving bright and bold turquoise, green and blue nail polishes.
Which is actually surprising for me since I always lean toward pinks in the Spring.
I have to admit...I was a victim of this year's trends.

Bourjois 22 Turquoise Block stood out in Bourjois recent collection.
You might notice the similar pattern on most European blogs since it's such a bright color.
It's actually greener than the average turquoise but still gives your nails a boost.
I applied 2 coats without topcoat.
Love the brush, the finish and thick consistency.
Bourjois is also sold on Asos and UK Ebay for about 7-9$.

Next up is Etude House Ice Cream nail polish in BL601.
This one leans more on the blue side so I wouldn't actually call it turquoise.
The brightness is similar to Bourjois but with different undertones.
I applied 2 coats without topcoat.
You can get Etude House nail polishes on Ebay for only 2-4$.

What's your favourite nail polish for Spring/Summer 2013?
Any recommendations?


  1. Bourjois 22 Turquoise Block is so bright and pretty! I have the Etude House one too, and I love it to bits (it can be a bit thick but a few drops of nail polish thinner does the trick :D)

  2. Both of these shades are beautiful. I love these colors and I'm happy that they're on trend right now so I can stock up :)

  3. The Etude House polish is gorgeous!!
    And cheap too! I think i've seen a couple on eBay and they have really cute packaging!

    Stefy ♥ x
    Fashion + Beauty
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  4. You have really pretty nails so I guess you can rock out basically any colour ^^ I love teal/turquoise, they're a lot of fun : )

  5. I love the Bourjois' one ! It's such a lovely colour !

    Mhh... for summer I really like to wear mint on my nails !

  6. fantastic shade! love it!

  7. I wanted to get icecream Etude ones with various glitter for so long, I can't wait to get it, they are absolutely adorable. Bourjois is also one of my fav brands, they have gorgeous selection of shades.

  8. Ta drugi ma tako srčkano embalažo! :)

  9. really pretty colours! i love the little ice cream cone design, so cute!

    bec X

  10. Turquoise is my favourite colour but I don't actually own any nail polishes in that colour. These are both gorgeous! May have to invest :)


  11. Turquoise je res lep...
    Btw na mojem blogu sem te tegala :)

  12. ooh I love that polish colour! I've been meaning to put on Essie's turquoise and caicos, which is a little more on the green side, but I love vibrant cheery colours for summer.


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