12 Jul 2013

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre 85 Mirifique

Illusion D'ombre luminous eyeshadows were for a long time on my wishlist.
Long lasting and creaseless cream formula sounded like a perfect match for my oily eyelids.
So I picked up the most boring - yet most versatile shade out of the bunch.
85 Mirifique is a straight up black with multicolored silver glitters.

This eyeshadow is almost mousse-cream shadow and kind of bounces with finger pressed to it.
On the touch is really lightweight compared to other cream shadows.
It's perfect for smudging yet it settles quite quickly after application.
Comes with a folding brush which is surprisingly quite handy for smudging and intensifying.
Longevity is outstanding but it creases a tiny bit without setting it with a powder product.
Wearing Mirifique as a liner or smudged only close to the lash line- it will stay put without creasing.
Keep in mind I have extremely oily and hooded lids so basically anything will crease on me without a primer (except Becca Eye tints).

There's no fallout considering glitters since they stay exactly where you applied them.
The shade is perfect for defining the eyes like a liner or smudging it over the lashline.
You can easily build it up or sheer it to a light grey for a smokey eye.
I usually wear it all over the lid for a light daily smokey eye or use it instead of eyeliners/eyepencils.

There's no major creasing but if you want a really budge-proof cream eyeshadow I suggest you Becca Eye tints or Benefit Creaseless cream shadows.
However the texture of Illusion D'Ombre is quite unique - bouncy, mousse like.
Illusion D'Ombre retail for about 36$ in US and 28€ in EU.

PROS: pigmented, longlasting, no fallout, mousse texture, unique shades
CONS: smudges tiny bit without powder, price


  1. That colour is amazing. I'd definitely use it as eyeliner, or even just as an all over the lid colour. Love it <3

  2. Kok huda barva! Takoj bi imela to senčko!

  3. Please do a picture with it on your eyes. I think it would look magnificent!~

  4. Prav rada bi videla kak tvoj look s to senčko. :)

  5. This looks beautiful, but the price...! It's too expensive for me. ;n;

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  6. Hmmmm....interesting. Love the color and i think this is perfect for my skin color too. I'll def check this one out.

  7. It looks so pretty :o
    I've only ever tried two Chanel products and been disappointed :(

    I just stumbled across your blog and I really like it! Hopefully we can 'connect' or something..


  8. hope is something you can use as eyeliner

  9. This post is great!Your blog is lovely!!!! xxx

    Gleaming Spire * Bloglovin'

  10. Absolutely desperate to try this, it's so beautiful! Next on my wishlist I think ;)
    Love your blog, now following!
    Jess xo


  11. I absolutely love this eyeshadow. It's so sparkly ;)


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