8 Jul 2013

Perfect 4 in 1 Cream Blush & Lip Set

How perfect does all-over-multitasking product sound?
Well I have an amazing multitasking product to show you today.
Korean brand A'pieu released Nature Lip & Cheek Pot Rouge Quarter (here).
It's basically 4 cream colors for lips and cheeks.

I choose No.4 which is a lovely mix of coral, peach, pink and mauve.
Basically all colors you would need for various looks.
The coral color is however really sheer, shimmery and can be used as a lipgloss or highlighter.
Colors are highly pigmented, texture is super soft and blendable, finish is glowy-matte.
Stays on the entire day and doesn't budge a bit.
Texture is a cross between Topshop and Nyx cream blushes- not too matte yet not too slippery and glowy.
Has a perfect amount of shine and settles quite quickly.

There are 4 shades to choose from and quite frankly - I'm already eyeing No.3.
These A'pieu quarters are hard to find online - however you can buy it from W2Beauty with huge selection of A'pieu products and Free worldwide shipping.
Also the scent is delicious- fruity and floral.
It's not greasy and applies lovely to both- lips and cheeks.

I would highly recommend giving them a try.
It's a perfect quartet of lovely colors for lips and cheeks.
They retail for about 12$ which is a bargain for 4 wonderful versatile creamy shades.
You can get this quarter here or find all 4 colors here.
W2Beauty also impressed me with customer service and fast shipping.
You can find all sorts of Korean brands - not only Etude House or Tony Moly.

PROS: longevity, versatility, scent, price, cute packaging - everything!


  1. Would love to give it a try! =) the shades are cute i wanna see you wearing it! =)


    1. I'll try to do a face of the day with it ;)

  2. So cute packaging :) The colors are amazing!

  3. Zelo so mi všeč te tvoje reviews. Vedno neki novi, meni neznani, izdelki:) še več :)

  4. These look so pretty. Having a look at their website now :)

    Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

  5. That's a really pretty multi-use product! And the colours look really lovely too. :D

  6. ooh, I love the look of these :)

  7. Luškana embalaža in še lepše barve!
    Če imaš mogoče malo časa, pridi pogledat še moj blog, sem včeraj napisala prvo objavo:)

    1. Pošlji link, ne najdem na tvojem Google+ profilu :)

  8. This product looks like something I'd definitely buy in my next Korean purchases LOL A'pieu is a brand I keep hearing about and now I'm curious about it : ) Thanks for the review Sara! xx

  9. Čisto leva barva zgleda ful lepo!

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  10. Pretty shades and great pigmentation too. :)


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