25 Sept 2013

FOTD with Flamingo Pastel Hair, NYX India, Etude House Palette

I already reviewed new gorgeous palette from Etude House Rose collection here.
Now it's time to show it in practise- I used Blossom, Petal, Gloomy and Poison
It's a perfect fall palette and goes well with my new hair color.
I also used infamous Nyx Black Label India lipstick which is a gorgeous light peachy shade and a touch of pink lipgloss.

Since I love playing with pastel colors on my hair I wanted to try bright flamingo peachy-pink hair.
So I bravely mixed up Directions Hair Color in Carnation Pink and Apricot (name tells a 1000 words).
I was quite generous with color amount...yet I got out only a pastel version of flamingo color.
I think I reached the highest level of tolerance for blond hair- it does stain instantly but you can't get rich longlasting pigment into bleached hair. 

I like my new hair color yet I hate it. 
Looks somehow cheap and brassy yet goes well with my skintone.
I think I'll give it another go after I finally visit my hairdresser- roots just don't make my life easier.
I'm curious how will I transfer back to silver.
What do you think? 


  1. I personally like the color, I think it looks great on you!

  2. love this combo, and also with your make up it looks gorgeous

  3. zanimiva barva las :) make up pa je zelo luškan!

  4. Meni je ful všeč, sploh mi ne zgleda cheap :)

  5. Meni se zdi da ti barva ful paše. :)

  6. I neeeeeeeed NYX India lipstick.. It's such a gorgeous pink shade xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. Ful je lušna tale barva in zelo lepo ti pristaja po mojem mnenju. <3

  8. I didn't realize that you have naturally dark hair! I do too, but my natural color literally looks like poo! I love the chestnut brown strips you put in your hair last Fall, I want to go dye my hair that color now! I seriously cannot get over how gorgeous you are! <3
    I've never heard of that lipstick color, have I been living under a rock or something??

  9. I love your hair so pretty :) its like a peachy hue looks good on you :D x


  10. I love your new colour, looks great on you and no it doesn't look cheap.

    I love your blog. Following on GFC and bloglovin.
    I'm hosting a giveaway,would love it if you had a look ;) xx


  11. Love your new hair colour is looks really nice, I wish I was more adventurous with my hair colour!

    Millie x

  12. i think you hair really beatiful :)
    see you , follow you

  13. We wish we were a bit more barve with our hair colour! we've never actually dyed our hair before but this makes us want to!


  14. I love your hair! I think it's a nice soft pink, a good change from the harsh icy pastels or neons that a lot of people go for and it definitely suits you very nicely :)

    Also one off a thousand! After my following you anyway, Congratulations!

    Bella . BELLAETC

  15. Beautiful!
    Love your blog<3

  16. I love your hair, looks so cool! Never seen a hair colour like this before, very pretty

    Claudia xx

  17. Back when I had colourful I did a lot of experimenting to get the perfect shade of pastel pink, I mixed a little bit of hot pink with a bit of purple shampoo (and conditioner of course) and the colour came out beautifully, very soft and pastel pink without any brassy tones. If you haven't got a toning shampoo then a little bit of purple dye worked for me too. Maybe that will help improve the shade you want? ^_^

    2 Girls and a Blog


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