1 Feb 2014

Lancome Rouge in Love Rose'mantic (232M) Lipstick

Lancome Rouge in Love range always gets positive reviews and I can definitely see why. 
This particular lipstick line is a perfect mix between longevity, hydration and pigmentation.
In fact, I almost always glance their lipsticks just because of their vibrant purple shade.
I thought that this particular lipstick (Violette Coquette) will be my first pick but boy, I was wrong.
Instead of picking up vibrant purple lippie I got sucked into neutral rosy shade.

Lancome lipsticks have lots of cute details along with it's signature rose. 
Packaging is quite tiny yet it fells heavy like most of high end products.
Color is a perfect mix between pink, red and nude. It's pretty darn close to Mac Angel (and Lioele 06) but with more shine and a touch more vibrant and ''rosy''. It also has a slight shimmer which isn't noticeable when applied. Unfortunately I sold my Angel since I found Lioele 06 as a perfect dupe. 
Pigmentation is actually incredible as it should be for about 28€ (got it on sale, don't judge).
You can really play with this lippie- 1 swipe gives you a wonderful tint, yet layered it's a perfect creamy neutral bright shade. 
The funny thing - it looks matte in the tube but applies like butter with a bit of shine.
Longevity blew me away. Usually creamy lipsticks last only 3 hours but this little guy stayed on lips for about 7 hours as it promises. After some time it dries to almost semi-matte finish but still feels super comfortable. 
I hope you get the idea why I'm so stoked about it.

All in all, shade is nothing spectacular and you can easily find some cheaper dupes. 
It's the formula, longevity and hydration that blew me away. 
Being a total lipstick junkie I can totally recommend this to lipstick lovers. 
28€ is a bit much even for me but if you can get extra discount, definitely check them out. 
It's pretty much the best formula comparing it to Dior (Rouge Dior, Addict and Addict Extreme) and YSL (Rouge Volupte). Chanel is still on my wishlist to complete my high-end lipstick bunch.
Lancome is not too appealing to my eye but I'm slowly starting to change my mind.