30 Mar 2014

Can't Stop Using...

Yes, I'm pretty much obsessed with these products.
I have loads of products to use and test yet I can't un-attach from my current favourite blush, powder, lip products and bases.
I'm pretty much stuck with them and can't rotate them with new and old products.
You makeup hoarder out there know what I mean, right?
It's hard to explain but usually I rotate my products on 2 week basis just to start loving old and new makeup stuff.
These held up in my ''everyday drawer'' (or handbag) for over 2 weeks or more, which is quite an accomplishment.

Guerlain Meteorite Compact Powder - Escentual
I already reviewed this baby here and said I love the final result on the skin. Now, comparing it to my loose Meteorites, this is absolutely much better. It perfects the skin and leaves a velvety finish on the skin. No other powder makes my skin so smooth and beautiful over any foundation. Definitely worth of splurge (if you find it on sale) but I think they re-packaged it into a golden compact.

Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden - LookFantastic
It's a perfect yellow base for my light skintone. It's not too orange or dark yet it covers my veins and blue undertone. Doesn't crease and you need only a tiny amount for lovely coverage. Imagine it as a concealer/foundation for your eyelids.

L'oreal Lumi Magique Base
Ever since I've heard nothing but good things about this base from Mateja's Beauty Blog, I had my eye on. Being honest, it never impressed me by swatching it on the hand in the store but there's a totally different story when you apply it on your face. It's quite weird that it doesn't show up on the hand under artificial light...I could say it's really similar to Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector but a bit more runny and subtle.

ELF Eyebrow Kit in Ash - BeautyJoint
I didn't have high expectations for Elf because I was already dissapointed by this brand. But I love the colored wax part and the powder isn't bad either (still a bit crumbly). It's a quick fix for brows if you're in a hurry.

Benefit Rockateur Box Blush - Benefit Cosmetics
Ah, can't stop using this either! It's a lovely nude-rose-bronze shade that compliments fair skintone. I can't let go of it and switch to another blush. It's just perfect. Review coming soon.

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish Ginger Melon
I'm really impressed by these little cute guys! They stay on my nails for 3-5 days which is practically a miracle AND they smell lovely. This particular shade smells like fruity candy or Skittles. Shade is a bright pink with a hint of coral. I want more and already treated myself to Autumn Spice.

Catrice Iridescent Topper 
This is basically a liquid shimmer for topping off over normal eyeshadows. Surprisingly this is quite liquidy but dries up in seconds and doesn't crease or ruin normal eyeshadow application. Definitely pick up this gorgeous shimmers with rose gold hue from Catrice LE Haute Future. It's about 4,5€.

Missha Glow Tint Lipbalm CR01 - BeautyNetKorea
Lip Glows are my new obsession so Missha caught me with it's name. This range is actually the opposite what I expected. They are creamy, pigmented but still kind of...translucent for more of a natural feel. This particular shade is a lovely mix of coral, peach, pastel pink that suits even pink skintones. Korean products have in general quite a nice selection of orange shades for fair skintone.

Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow - KoreaDepart
A perfect Dior Lip Glow dupe! Even the packaging is a total rip-off if we don't consider actual materials. And I love the product itself too, leaves a lovely pink stain that can be build up. It's way more intense from Dior but still a similar point of view. They even have a coral version to match the new Dior Spring 2014 collection. Worth checking out!

NYX Butter Lipglosses - Peaches & Cream and Apple Strudel - BeautyJoint
Ever since I've heard these are a cheaper alternative to Clarins Lip Perfector (which I adore!) I knew I had to buy them. Not totally sure if they perfect lips but they definitely have a cake-like smell (not so strong though), smooth texture and lovely bright shades. They are indeed quite pigmented, depending on the shade. Now I want all of them.

So, what's your recent must-have? Any recommendations based on my picks? 


  1. Tale Catrice topper sem hotela včeraj kupiti, ker mi je prekrasno izgledal, pa me je dragi na koncu pregovoril, da ga ne rabim. Glossa pa izgledata zelo luštno, te še imam namen enkrat preizkusiti. :D

    1. Topper ni zdaj nujen da ne moreš brez njega, ampak mi je všeč sama pipeta in efekt :D Glose pa sigurno probaj če boš kdaj kej naročevala :)

  2. Odkar sem prebrala tvoj review bi imela Guerlain Meteorite Compact Powder, samo kako je drag če ne kupiš samo refil! Malo noro, no.
    Sem kupila Revlonov Bordeaux lak in moj skoraj nič ne diši. Mogoče je odvisno od odtenka?
    Me veseli, da ti je L'Orealov Lumi Magique všeč, I still love it :)

    1. Hm, mogoče bi morala napisati da je puder vreden če ga dobiš znižanega kot jaz :D Perlice so sicer skoraj enako dobre za več količine ampak so šimraste. Ja, tale roza Revlon je definitvno eden bolj močnejših vonjev, Autumn Spice ne diši tako močno :(

  3. Morem torej kupit Catrice topper če ga bom še našla :) Je pa meni tale ELF duo tudi super, pa te Revlonove lake morem it pogledat :)

  4. Revlon in NYX sta ze na WL. Sem imela enkrat sample od enega kompaktnega pudra Guerlain in to je perfekcija, kak finish je imel!
    Super objava! Jaz bi samo se sliko looka nakoncu!:) *prettyplease*

    1. Uf, se bom naslednjič potrudila ampak že za to skoraj nimam časa :D Nyx Butter gloss imaš tudi v setu 3 za 8$ na Ebayju....če boš kdaj iz tujine naročevala :D

  5. Imam kakšen Revlon lak na WL v kratkem, to je pa to :D Sem sama tudi razmišljala o podobnem postu :D

    1. Meni so všeč ti laki, so pa različna mnenja glede trajanja :/ Komaj čakam da preberem tudi tvojega ;)

  6. Uu Catrice topper izgleda čudovito! :)

  7. I've been using the NYX butter glosses non stop too! Love the shades that you got:)

  8. I absolutely love the NYX Butter Glosses! Great picks ^-^

    boho vanity ♡

  9. Kok luštno vse izgleda. Všeč mi je Revlonov odtenek laka, screams spring :)

  10. Some terrific products here that I would love to try, including Benefit Rockateur Box Blush, that L'Oreal primer and the NYX Butter Glosses :) It's interesting to hear the L'Oreal is similar to the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, especially since the Becca is such a cult product but very expensive.

    1. Yeah, I even sold mine for almost the same price since I found this ''dupe'' :)

  11. The butter glosses look SO pretty! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  12. I really like Bella Bamba by Benefit and Super Orgasm by Nars for blushes so I'd definitely recommend them based upon your use of Rocateur!


  13. Loveeeeeeeeeee the NYX Butter Glosses, aren't they gorgeous? They smell amazing too xx


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