30 Apr 2014

Hit the Pan or Heavily Used Products

As the title suggests, this post is all about products that are nearly finished but still going strong on it's last leg.
Since this is a beauty blog I only focused on makeup bits that seem to interest most of my readers.
There's something really satisfying looking at others makeup empties or heavily used products. 
I really wish to hit pan on one of my powder blushes, but that's another story. 

Revlon Colorstay foundation- Ivory
The only drugstore foundation that matches my pale skintone and it's more on the pink side. This has a serious heavy duty coverage and dries really fast. I love to apply it with RT sponge since it gives a bit more luminosity. I went through a bunch of these already - you can read my empties post with it here .

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in 21
I had this BB cream for quite some time and already reviewed it here. I generally still agree with my statements but it has definitely more satin finish than matte. All in all it's an okay Asian BB cream but I won't repurchase because Korean market is getting filled with new BB creams with great improvements.

Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer 
A certain staple in my makeup collection. I always re-buy it for my dark circles if new concealers don't work as I want. Has slightly liquid texture and it's easy to blend. A bit heavier than CC Eye Cream concealer from Bourjois and you get quite a lot of product.

Avene Very High Protection Cream 50+ SPF for Dry Sensitive Skin
Got myself this face sunscreen last summer and it's still going strong. I wanted a really good sun protection with great filters since I have freckles. After enormous research about UV filters I found out this one is quite good since it contains both types of filters. I have to say this protected my skin very well, although it leaves a slight white cast but nothing you can't work with under foundation. It's a bit sticky but settles quite okay. Doesn't break me out.

Stargazer Foundation in White
Of course I have to mix all of my foundations to get a perfect match. This little guy saved my ass from looking orange or too tanned. It has quite a creamy texture so you don't need much. It's one of the best budget-friendly white foundation I've come across. Barry M White foundation is too heavy and really cakey, but I have yet to test Makeup Revolution foundation in shade 1 - maybe I'll like their texture better.

Jemma Kidd All over Radiance Creme - Iced gold
Really nice cream highlighter that is easy to use. It's unfortunately discontinued but still going strong for over 2 years. It gives a really obvious glow but still looks natural due to creamy texture. 

Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer 
I've talked about it already here. It's one of those mousse-texture silicone based primers that fills in pores and smoothes the skin. I still love it but tend to use it only for special occasions and on clients. I don't like the sound of silicone on my face everyday. I did however found a water-based miracle primer for dry skin so I'll talk about it in future posts.

NYX Cream Blush - Boho Chic
I have a love-hate relationship with this blush. It's really light and illuminating but too dewy to stay on the cheeks more than 4 hours. I call this my ''in-a-hurry'' blush when I need some brightness on my cheeks if I need to make any short errands. I love it but can't rely on it when I'm out for the entire day.

Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner - Waterproof
I really like this eyeliner. It's super black and dries up almost matte. Has a fine tip for cat flings and costs only about 2€. However, I noticed a fault after going through several bottles of this. It cracks during the day if you're not careful. If you like to rub your eyes or make obvious face expressions, this might make your eyeliner look a bit patchy on the outer corner. Still need to try out Catrice version.

Maybelline Master Drama Black Liner
This pencil is super creamy and black so it's perfect for smudging. It's similar to UD pencils but more slippery. I don't recommend it for waterline. I always find it smeared on my face. I won't repurchase.

Collection Cream Puff Hydrating Lip Cream - Fairy Cake
I had this lip cream for ages when I made a swap with Hailey from Scotland. Texture is just perfect and airy, color is exactly the same as the tube color and gives a velvet finish to your lips. Stays on for quite some time (about 4h) and smells like vanilla cake. I really need to pick up more of these abroad. It's pretty similar to Essence Matt glosses but with longer staying power. 

So, do you like these kind of posts or half used products disgust you? 
I really want to know what's your latest used up makeup product ?


  1. zgledajo zelo fajni izdelki :) Nisem pa nikol razmišljala, da bi mešala svoj puder z belim, čeprav bi mi prav prišlo :) (se mi tud ne da mešat :P)

  2. Že dlje časa razmišljam, da bi naredila podobno objavo,, se mi zdi da na tak način res vidiš kaj drugi najbolj uporabljajo. &That magical moment when you finally hit pan on something :D

  3. Tole je pa res super objava.Jaz sem isto razmišljala že o nečem podobnem, da bi pisala o izdelkih, ki jih bom kmalu porabila, ampak bi verjetno trajalo, dokler bi jih nabrala dovolj in prej bi nekatere vrgla stran (oz. jih bom), ker so že stari in sem namesto njih našla boljše. Meni tale Essence eyeliner ni slab, moti me edino to, da ko ga uporabim čez širasta senčila, jih ne prekrije dobro oz. se vidijo skozi, ko se posuši.

    1. Tole za Essence eyeliner sem pa tudi jaz že opazila! :O Objavi vseeno, tudi če imaš 2 produkta :D

  4. I get a sense of achievement when I hit pan on a product because it hardly ever happens. The Avene SPF 50 sounds like a great product. I am trying to get better at wearing SPF

  5. love the shade fairy cake, it looks like the isadora coral punch. witch looks like pale pink on my lips don't know why.

    1. actually I wanted that coral shade on my lips was not aiming for pale pink :(


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