25 May 2014

My Favourite Shower Creams at the Moment

Yves Rocher is my new favourite bodycare brand. 
It's dirt cheap, has natural/plant ingredients (as much as they can be in cosmetics) and their products work!
Ever since I got to know them back in December I've made several sneaky purchases. Along with my mom we have been religiously buying their perfumes, body care and shower gels.
I've been already raving about their Monoi Dry Body Oil here.
Personally I'm not a big fan of their packaging but it's the inside that REALLY counts.

I've been absolutely in love with Velvety Shower creams Jardins du Monde and still not having a clue what they mean. These shower creams supposedly have best ingredients from all over the world.
I'm not buying the concept but they smell extra delicious!
My top 3 current scents are definitely Brazilian Coffee Beans, Macadamia Nuts from Guatemala and Purple Rice from Laos.

Coffee Beans smells like rum/vanilla/coffee pudding or cappuccino ice cream. 
It has a really strong scent that lingers for a few hours.
Macadamia Nuts smells like Monte - did you ever have those tiny little hazelnut puddings? Well it smells exactly like it. A mixture of sweet vanilla, hazelnut and other nut scents. Yum!
Purple Rice has a really creamy, milk scent with some vanilla sweetness to it. 

Texture is pretty much velvety and creamy as the name suggests. They make me think about L'occitane Almond Shower Oil when it's already ''lathered up'' into a foam. They leave your skin feeling soft but there's no major hydration. You do need to apply body lotion afterwards, however I love the way they feel and smell in the shower. I can't really express how nice they feel in the shower, it's almost like using a really nice face cream. As I've said the only scent that lingers to your skin is the Coffee Bean. I absolutely love warm, sweet scents any time of the year but these might be more appropriate for winter if you're not into whole baking-food scents.

Ingredient list
Yves Rocher usually sells these shower creams for 2,4€ but I usually stock up when they're 1,2€. 
For a 1€ you can't really go wrong and it's a total bargain. 
I warmly suggest you to try out at least one of them if you'll find a store.
Yves Rocher is pretty much hard to find but I'm okay with online shop since they give free shipping over certain amount.
You can find YR in Slovenia here and worldwide here.


  1. Macadamia Nut - tega imam tudi jazzz :D super diši res!

    1. Ja, sem videla na tvojem blogu ali Instagramu - dobra izbira :P

  2. JOOOJ tale yves rocher je res zakon =) Imam kar nekaj izdelkov in vsi so top =)


  3. Macadamia Nut je res božanski :)

  4. Vedno ko se sprehodim do BTCja nimajo te Macadamia Nut -.- Nehajte ga kupovat :P


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