2 Jun 2014

Perfect Rosy Nails - Catrice Karl Says Tres Chic

Despite all the fuss around neon nail polishes I still find myself reaching for nude and rose shades.
I don't know what's been wrong with me lately but I guess I'm growing up...I've been reaching for rose, mauve and brownish shades also in lipsticks. Nonetheless I find this particular nail polish really flattering for pale skintones.
Karl Says Tres Chis is a new Spring 2014 addition to ever growing Catrice assortment. 
It's a light warm mauve-pink-rose shade that compliments all skintones. It's quite opaque and a bit thick so you can get away with 1 coat. However I applied 2 coats for extra shine without any top coat. 
Surprisingly enough, I didn't find any dupes in my nail polish collection although it looks pretty similar to Essence English Rose at first sight. 57 Karl Says Tres Chic is a lot lighter and more pinky-mauve.

They retail for 2,60€ in local Mueller.
I actually don't have any major complaints over Catrice nail polishes - I just wish they wouldn't redesign their brushes a lot wider than needed. Unfortunately Catrice is available only in EU countries but I can see them expanding in the (far) future over to UK and USA as her little sister Essence. In the mean time, keep this shade on top of your wishlist.


  1. Pred časom je to bil verjetno moj najljubši lak, pa še zdaj ga rada namažem :)

  2. Zelo lepa barva. Sama nikoli ne pregledujem po teh razastih odtenkih kaj preveč, ampak potem ko pa vidim na drugi pa ugotovim, da so dejansko zelo lepi (:

  3. Res je lep, se morem spomnit, da ga kupim naslednjič ko bom v Müllerju :)

  4. Looks pretty and shiny on you

  5. You can never go wrong with nude or rose shades and I love Catrice nail polishes!


  6. gorgeous color!! perfect for just about any occasion!

  7. beautiful!

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    follow me and follow you back =)


  8. Tale je pa tak lady-like odtenek. Ful lep! :)

  9. Oh wow this is such a gorgeous, girly shade! I wish we had polishes this cheap in the UK... it looks so pretty xxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. Kako sem le lahko spregledala tale post. Ali pa mi mogoče pred časom ta lak ni tako padel v oči, kot mi je par dni nazaj. Res je prekrasen!


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