15 Jul 2014

MUST HAVE: Isadora Jelly Kiss Lipsticks

How many times did I mention Isadora Coral Punch in my (really) old posts?
It's still my favorite lipstick formula and shade even after trying huge amount of various lipsticks.
I was lucky enough to get a year supply of Jelly Kiss range since I participated in their #isadorayear Challenge
I highly suggest you checking out Isadora Instagram and Blog since they have weekly Giveaways.
Again, I thank Ulrika and Isadora Sweden for a year supply of Jelly Kiss and other extra bits!

Isadora is a Swedish mid-high-end brand that has fairly affordable products.
Isadora doesn't test on animals, is paraben free and clinically tested so is highly appropriate for sensitive skin.

Isadora Jelly Kiss contains 12 different shades with a light jelly finish.
Texture is jelly/cream like and feels light on the lips. It has moisturising and nourishing properties (Peach kernel oil, Apricot kernel oil, Almond oil) so I actually count these lipsticks as my lipbalm/lipstick hybrids. 
Application is diverse- you can layer for full intensity with 2-3 swipes and sheer out with 1 swipe. 
Smell is absolutely delicious-light vanilla cream pieFinish has a creamy-glossy effect and lipsticks are semi-transparent
Longevity is mediochre: 3-6 hours for a nourishing lipstick is okay. Above all packaging is really sleek and has a magnetic packaging.
Most of the colors are creamy without shimmers however Peach Pearl has slight shimmer.
I have total of 8 colors - Lilac Tulle is well used and Coral Punch was already featured in my empties (here). 

Peach Pearl is a beautiful light pink with a hint of peach and warmth. It has silver shimmer and applies pretty sheer with a glossy finish.
Pink Blush is a neutral nude rose shade and applies as a lovely rose shade on the lips. I think this is my second favorite right after Coral Punch.

Orange Blossom is a striking orange in the tube and has a medium coverage. One of the most pigmented shades.
Coral Punch is a lovely mixture of pink and coral but leans toward pink on the lips. It's pretty tropical shade for the Summer. Name is just perfect. It's my ultimate favorite mid-high-end lipstick shade.

Raspberry Sorbet is a warm, raspberry pink. It's quite opaque and vibrant on the lips.
Pink Parfait is a medium cool pink with more of a transparent finish.

Ballerina is quite similar to Pink Parfait but slightly warmer and lighter. Light opacity.
Lilac Tulle is a straight up warm lavender shade that's just right warm enough to look amazing on the skin. I could also call it a pastel pink-lavender, it's really a unique shade in my collection.

I adore these lipsticks!
I highly recommend you picking up one or two of them if you're lucky enough to find them.
They are about 14€ in Slovenia. You can find Isadora in bigger drugstores like Muller or in selected pharmacies. Unfortunately enough Isadora doesn't sell Jelly Kiss range in Slovenia anymore. If you're lucky you can spot them in LE collections or sets. Not sure if they've discontinued the line or just certain countries don't have entire range set? Let me know if you can still find Jelly Kiss at your counter.
Above all I'm pretty happy to see a lovely makeup brand that doesn't test on animals.
I've also heard that their mascaras are great for sensitive eyes.
If you have any other Isadora review requests leave them in the comment section.


  1. Lilac is pretty, coral punch leans more in pastel pink in my opinion alone but combined with a coral lipstick underneath , gives a very nice shade

    1. Yeah, it's more pink on the lips. However it's still pretty coral on mine since I don't have pigmented lips :) I'll try your tip too!

    2. My recommendation Wet and wild Coraline, underneath

  2. Ooo, morem pogledat če se bodo dale še kje najti, ker par odtenkov je res prekrasnih. Sploh Pink blush in Coral/pink? punch ( ne vem ali si se tam pri imenu na swatchu zmotila, ali sem jaz kaj zamešala) :D

    1. Ja, zmotila, hvala! :D Coral Punch je ja. Probaj najti, drugače bom pa nekaj odtenkov tudi jaz na Fbju verjetno prodala ker realno gledano ne rabim 3 back-upov :D

  3. Such pretty shades! Sad we don't have Isadora here. I've tried their eyeshadows before and I love them!



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