31 Aug 2014

Memebox Pore Care #3 Review

I was never privileged to receive subscription boxes but when Memebox kindly sent one of their Superboxes I was super excited since I'm always blown away by Korean products. Not only Memebox has the cutest pink boxes you can re-use as storage for nail polish but Superboxes always come with full size products (and not only small testers). There are 2 types of Memebox: Superbox (full size products) and Memebox (full size and sample products). They all differ between 19-33$ with fast shipping directly from Korea or US (US customers). You won't find any well known western brands in Memebox but instead you'll get Korean K-pop products depending on different theme (color, face, texture, lips, eyes...numerous choices actually).

I got the Pore Care 3 Superbox which contains 6 products targeting pores, blemishes, oily residue and blackheads. Since I know quite a bit of Korean brands by now (especially in makeup sphere) I was super excited when I saw Secret Key and Skin House in my box. Other brands I wasn't really familiar with but I'm confident to say Korean brands are all-in-all a win win situation especially when it comes to whitening and tightening (pores) area. Memebox also has a store where you can separately buy products from their boxes. Now let's go onto the products!

The Skin House Pore Control Powder Serum is supposedly a serum you apply before your day cream. I wouldn't use this on it's own since I have mostly dry skin, especially cheeks. It actually mattifies your skin, tightens pores and controls sebum throughout the day. I can definitely say it's almost liquid-gel like fluid that turns to a powdery finish (but not in the obvious way. Highly recommended for oily skin types but unfortunately not suitable for my dry cheeks. 

Now the real test for pore products is my sister. She has the opposite skin type to mine - oily/combination skin type with extremely oily T-zone, blemishes and blackheads all over. Lailly Steam Pore Mask was a perfect match for her! Her skin was glowing only after one use (20min) of this extremely dark mask with charcoal and white clay. No oily residue, skin looked smooth without enlarged pores, almost airbrushed even after 2 days. She also noticed this mask makes tingly, warm sensation once it's on the skin. I will definitely have to try it myself. We might even repurchase this mask on it's own.

Secret Key Black Out Pore Clean Remover is not just an ordinary toner for blackheads. You actually leave cotton pad with toner on your problem area for 15 minutes. Then you're free to squeeze out blackheads as much as you want (sounds gross, I know). I tried toner on my nose where's my blackhead problem area and it actually works. Formula seems to have some sort of acid that makes your skin super soft so you can easily access blackheads. Actually my skin started peeling on the area where I put this toner, so it definitely has quite effective ingredients.

Honestly I'm not too impressed with this mechanic pore cleanser from AquaBerry Pore Zero Remover. It has a silicone massager and the cleanser comes out on the same end. It's some sort of cleanser/pore tightener/scrub that's just another additional step. I can't see myself bothering with it on a daily basis just because of my pores but it's an okay addition for here and there. It cleanses well but I'm not too keen on whole pore idea with a silicone brush.

Toosowoong Deep Pore Cleanser is a pore tightening cleanser that removes dirt, bacteria and helps to reduce appearance of pores. It's thick and mousse-like in texture so you need just a tiny amount for entire face. It actually feels like a mask once you put it on your face and leaves a squeaky-clean feeling afterwards. A bit too soap-like for my taste but okay for those with oily skin. I did notice however it made my pores less visible after 3-4 washes.

Matte Pore Primer is basically a perfect dupe for Benefit Porefessional. It's a silicone based primer that fills pores and reduces appearance of any sort of scars, wrinkles and imperfections. I use silicone primers on special occasions since some of them are quite heavy on the skin. This particular one is pretty lightweight and actually better than normal western silicone primers.

All Memeboxes come with description of the products and ways to use them properly. Most of korean products have poor or no english descriptions so this sheet of paper is quite handy.
All in all I'm super happy with my box, I will probably use these items especially for my T-zone so they will last ages before I use them up entirely.
Memebox also gave me a Code: IIBJD1 for 5$ off any order until end of August 2014.
My attention grab the lastest new boxes: 54# Pinkaholic, Very Berry Box, Nail Shop #3.
They are updating their new boxes every week - keep an eye on them since they sell out quickly.


  1. prav vse izdelke bi imela, ker izgledajo super in mam tud sama težave z velikimi porami ter mastno kožo ^^

    1. Potem pa res - meni so mogoče celo preveč agresivni za suho kožo :)

  2. Oja, tale škatlica bi bila pa popolna za mene :) Morem pogledat malo za tisto masko in toner :)

  3. This memebox seems awesome! I wish I ordered this since I have oily skin and large pores. Lucky you!!


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