27 Aug 2014

The Secrets of Blogging Tag

I'm always late to the tag party but I obviously need to expand my writing skills.
Mateja's Beauty Blog tagged me so I feel extra obligated to write down my own answers.

When did you start blogging and why?
I actually had to check my first post since I'm not good with dates. My first post was pretty amateur about my first Mac products (here) in January of 2011. So that's about 3 years ago when I started one of the best things of my life. Why? My good friend (and that time room-mate) Dolores from Colourful Bottle was really into nail polish and I truly admired her passion and motivation. I didn't have a clue about blogs at that time. She suggested me to start my own blog once we were hunting down Essence LE's every month. I loved the idea and found courage a couple of months after my friend's suggestion.

How many people in ''real life'' know about your blog?
I kept it a secret for 2 years from most of my family. Only close friends knew about it. But after mentioning it to my mom (due to overload of mail packages) it started to spread out - now almost all my close relatives and family knows. I wasn't proud about my blog for a long time since I saw it as a ''obsession filter/something to be ashamed of'' because I'm not a big fan of corporations and massive materialistic religion. I was pretty sure nobody would understand (except Dolores) but I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone supports my hobby and even encourage me to spread out the word. Still I tend to hide my blog from new people, I don't want to be judged only over materialistic side of me.

What are your favorite posts to read?
I love reading posts about lipsticks and blushes but I also enjoy makeup empties and project pans. Since I'm currently on a project pan myself I love watching/reading project pan updates to make me motivated.

List a blog you discovered recently.
I've discovered theNotice which has the most amazing pictures and she always updates her blog with new products.

Which posts are you most proud of?
Hm, I would say my lipstick posts in general as I always enjoy taking pictures of lipsticks. One of my new favorite ones is definitely about Dior Fluid Stick and dupe comparison here.

Which advice would you give to future bloggers?
Take care of your picture's background - it's not everything only about the product. Be always aware where you're making pictures as I didn't care about background for a long time. Also, make yourself a Twitter. I discovered a lot of blogs through it although I don't like to use it. It's also a great opportunity to show your new blog and posts to other beauty bloggers. Not to mention many companies are searching for bloggers through Twitter. Oh, and please make more than one photo for a review- I'm pretty pissed off when I click blog posts for certain product to be shown yet I can't see a proper swatch or color, just the packaging.


  1. omg I totally agree with your last advice about producing more than 1 picture for a review/blog post! I wonder how people can call that post a review with just a single shot of product, which does not explain anything at all except the surface. Anyhow, I love this tag ^_^

    Mieza | Mieza Everdeen's

    1. Yes! You should do this tag too, I tag you ;)

  2. Thanks for tagging me, will do this really soon, haven't done a tag in sooooo long!


  3. I think I already did this post, really fun! x


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