24 Sept 2014

Finish X by XMas (Project Pan 12) - Makeup Challenge

I've discreetly mentioned a couple of times I've been doing project pan. I wasn't planning to be so successful at project pan(s) so I didn't even bother writing post about it. Weirdly enough, I'm pretty good at sticking with certain makeup products and finishing them up. I've used up over 15 products in only a month! It gives a huge satisfaction and I can't describe the feeling, that you're in finally charge of your makeup. With ever growing makeup collection you can sometimes feel stuffed and without control, but finishing up products in a certain time is quite an amusing and satisfying thing to do. So I've decided to join project pan Finish X by Xmas Challenge to keep me motivated until 2015 to use up products of my overflowing makeup collection. You can find lots of girls doing same challenge on Youtube, mine will be unfortunately only in blog version. I'll keep you updated with progress throughout October/November and show you the finished result at the end (after Christmas 2014). I encourage you to try it out. It's pretty interesting writing down progress and marking products to see the progress. 
Join me and let's do this!

Benefit Powderflage is on it's last leg, I only have 10 more uses out of it so I expect it to be gone by next update. It's a lovely fine, pink powder for pores and imperfections but this guy is older than 3 years. It's time to go, although I'll miss you. It's discontinued product.

Jemma Kid Cream Highlighter is also a discontinued product so no need to use it sparingly. I will start using it before my foundation so I can slap it on without time-taking blending. This sucker has 10g which is a lot, but hopefully it will be used until Christmas.

Becca Beach tint in Fig is my least favorite color out of my Becca collection (see here). Weirdly enough I have two Fig/s so I've decided to let one go. There's not a lot of product left (about third of it) but I'm sure I will struggle with it. Formula is just horrendous over powder products and color payoff is just bad (even for my pale skintone). I think I will mix it up with more pigmented cream blushes. It may take extra time to use it but at least I will have some sort of color on my cheeks.

Essence Ballerina LE Eye Souffle just doesn't want to die. I had this one in my previous project pan for over 2 months and it's still alive. I think I'll get a month or two usage out of it.

Badger Lip Balm Creamy Cocoa is a wonderful, cruelty-free lip balm. However I've noticed my lipbalm collection expended horrendously and I have to use up some more of them. Luckily, I still have 3 Badgers to go. This lipbalm will probably last me 2 weeks at most. Did I mention I used up over 4 lipbalms in previous month?

Tarte Angelic is a mini highlighter from Christmas collection 2 years ago. I finally hit pan in this 3g product. It's a lovely gold-rose highlighter but it's pretty similar to Topshop Crescent Moon so I'm also downsizing my powder highlighter collection. This will probably take me over 2 months to use up.

Gosh White eye pencil & BeautyUk Grey eye pencil are just making crowd in my collection. I got loads of new eye pencils by different companies so no need to stick with these two. White pencil will be used in about a week or so and grey will probably last me for a month.

L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is one of my favorites but I do NOT need to hoard hand creams as well. Will be used in a short time, in the mean time I've got plenty of time to use up other creams. I would definitely repurchase after finishing up all my hand creams.

L'occitane Rose Hand Cream was forgotten in my old purse. Will be probably used in a week due to it's light formula. It's okay but nothing extraordinary.

Essence Stay all day Concealer was in my old project pan for over a month. It's still hanging on but I'm planning to remove the stopper after I won't be able to scrape product out. It's a lovely concealer for less than 5€ but again- I have 9 concealers in my collection so no need to save them. It will last for extra two weeks.

Garnier Roll-on Concealer will be hard to use up. Firstly, it has 15ml of product and secondly, you need a tiny amount. I'm only half way through so fingers crossed it will be used up in time. I'm a bit skeptical about this one.

TonyMoly Cherry tint (mini size) has a third of product left. It's a lovely, pigmented stain that lasts over 6 hours. However you need only a tiny amount which makes it difficult to use up. I'm predicting 2 more months to use it up completely.


  1. I love Project Pans of any number. It really forces you to change the way you think and shop. Good luck on your current project! :)

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

  2. super objava ! :) Jaz se tud trudim porabit izdelke, najbolj pa ličila. Maskar se enostavno ne morem znebit, ker se nobena noče posušit :( .. Si bom pa tud jaz zadala da točno določene izdelke porabim, čeprav o tem verjetno ne bom pisala, ampak upam da bodo v empties :)

  3. Hello! Greetings from Singapore. You have a very lovely blog. Would you like to follow each other via Google+ and GFC? Let me know at my blog. Keep in touch.

    Shikin Kikin | shikinkikin.blogspot.sg

  4. The Badger Creamy Cocoa lip balm is one of my absolute favorites as well, and I'm working my way through L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream too! Good luck on finishing all of your products, Sara! :)


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