28 Oct 2014

Cleanser Collection Overview for Dry Skin

Truthfully, skincare products are the most boring items one can review on the blog. I much more prefer fun, beautiful makeup products but I tend to research ''skincare future buys'' as a necessary obligation. Nobody want to spend lots of money on a product that doesn't work, right? I did however noticed increased interest in some of my previous skincare reviews so I might just bite the bullet and offer you a quick overview of my current cleansers. Since I usually invest in good face creams rather than cleansers, I was pretty confused looking at my increased cleanser collection. A few of them are my sister's belongings because she likes to invest in good quality cleansers - total opposite of me. While that has bonus points for me trying them out, I might as well review all of them. Keep in mind I have normal to dry skin, with some enlarged pores around my nose. My nose is usually quite flaky and cheeks are somehow dry. 

Since I'm usually dealing with overly dry skin and flakiness, I will start with butter cleansers.

A while ago I got Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser from Maja as it didn't work for her skintype. Now while she wanted to get rid of it, I absolutely ADORE it! It is one of the most buttery things I've ever tried. While it doesn't remove eye makeup completely (stubborn mascara) it leaves a luxurious feeling on the skin. My skin feels nourished after using Antipodes with a warm wash cloth. I use this butter almost as a special treat when my skin is feeling extra dull and flaky. Totally worth the hefty price tag (32€ for 75g on FeelUnique), not to mention effective natural ingredients. Most definitely a repurchase.
The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Butter on the other hand doesn't even compare to Antipodes. Sure, it's great for cleansing dry skin but it has a ''coconut oil type'' of texture. It warms up into an oil and feels a bit silicone-y. I do enjoy using it but my eyes can't handle this formula too well. Will repurchase as an extra step in cleansing my face (and skipping  eyes). The Body Shop is sold (almost) worldwide here.

Best UK Cleansers

Soap & Glory The Ultimelt is a hot cloth cleanser that I honestly used only once. It's a new addition to my stash but so far...everything is great. You get an extra hot cloth with the cleanser so basically any monkey would know how to properly use it to full extent. It's a thick cream that leaves your skin feeling nourished without any tightening feeling. It removes makeup but I suggest it using as your second step of cleansing. I would repurchase but it's unfortunately sold only in UK.
N7 Cleansing Oil is another UK gem. I love it for removing entire makeup since it foams up with water. It's also great for a face massage before you wash it off. Would love to repurchase
Simple Moisturising Facial Wash cleanses gently and doesn't strip oils from skin. It's super gentle around the eyes and has a creamy gel consistency. A great bargain makeup remover. I would repurchase if it wasn't only UK and US based.

Now onto DM and Muller cleansers.

CadeVera Mildes Reinigungsschaum is a Muller brand item with affordable price. Foam cleanser in a pink bottle is meant for all skin types, has strawberry scent, contains panthenol for suiting irritated skin and removes makeup quite effortlessly. A bargain cleanser for 1,99€ in Muller. Definitely a repurchase
Balea Reinigungs Schaum for normal/combination skin cleanses gently but does nothing extra to impress. It's just a standard quality product without any scent. I repurchased several of these since they're convenient to find (all DM stores) and remove face makeup. Still debating on repurchasing
Balea peelings are usually a disappointment but Balea Creme Peeling surprised me with it's creamy texture and tiny, quite harsh peeling bits. They're not your standard peeling balls but something a bit more effective and gritty. It's great for getting rid of dry, flaky skin on the nose. Doesn't leave a residue on the skin. I might repurchase in the future. Balea skincare products usually cost 2-5€.

Natura Siberica Exfoliating Face Scrub is another scrub gem. Natura Siberica is an all natural, ecological skincare brand from Russia. I wasn't expecting much since packaging usually fools about the quality. However, this scrub has a pleasant berry scent, it's not silicone-y and has an interesting scrub texture with fine bits for a pleasant exfoliation. I will definitely repurchase. They retail for around 5,50€ in Tuš drugstores. 
Balea Reinigungs Ol-Fluid is supposedly an oil based cleanser for dry skin. Oh boy, this was a total disaster. Not only they're quite expensive for Balea (I think they're around 3/4€ for 100ml) but they leave a horrible residue afterwards. I really wish we had a good oil cleanser out here but this just doesn't cut it. It's actually a mousse with oil that doesn't cleanse well enough. Won't repurchase
Balea Reinigungs Mousse is a total opposite of Ol-Fluid. Has a mousse texture but strips every inch of moisture out of the skin. A squeaky clean skin that feels tighten, almost like using soap on your face. No, thank you. And how ironic is the soap free sign? I'm not repurchasing.

Ren Skincare won me over with this amazing white clay cleanser. Ren Clarifying Clay Cleanser sounds like an effective product for oily skin types. But that's not the only case. This particular cleanser saved my sister's skin, literally. She had some major breakouts that didn't seem to stop. Her skin was sorted out in a month with Ren. I was intrigued by softness of my skin after the first usage. It's a creamy/clay formula that doesn't dry out your skin but cleanses your pores at the same time. It's actually difficult to explain - a perfect gentle cleanser for all skin types. Oily skin is well cleansed, yet dry skin gets nourishment. It cleanses but gives something nourishing to the skin - just amazing. A definite repurchase. You can get Ren in Muller and online.
A-Derma Emollient Cleansing Oil was my desperate buy from the pharmacy. I really wanted to try my first oil cleanser and I've ended up with this french, natural skincare. This is actually a face and body cleanser for atopic/very dry skin. It cleansed my face quite well yet it was still a bit too drying for my liking. However, I used up entire bottle exclusively on my face which means a lot. It was gentle enough and had a pleasant oil texture, similar to N7 Cleansing oil. I also like the fact that is all natural, fragrance free and suitable for babies. I might repurchase in the future but I'm currently eyeing Nuxe Reve de Miel Cleansing Gel. I got a 400ml bottle for around 16€ on offer. You can find A-Derma in pharmacies, Boots and Escentual.

As you may have noticed, I have a mixture of various cleansers from different locations. If I had to choose my favorites I would say: My absolute favorite UK cleanser is N7 Cleansing Oil and I envy all of you who can get it easily in Boots. My favorite ''middle Europe'' (Germany, Austria and others) are definitely CadeVera Milder Reinigungsschaum and Natura Siberica Exfoliating Scrub. For brands that are available worldwide I would highly recommend Ren Clarifying Clay Cleanser (here), Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser (here) and The Body Shop Camomile Butter Cleanser (here). If you like to use only one step in your cleansing routine, these might not work for you. I like to start cleansing my skin with a cheaper cleanser and end with another, more high quality one. I cleanse my eyes with coconut oil before or afterwards. Keep in mind I have still tons of cleansers to try out. Maybe there's a hidden gem that's still waiting for me. What do you recommend? Which is your favorite cleanser of the moment?


  1. Meni so pa trenutno take objave najbolj zanimive za branje :D Zdaj pa že komaj čakam, da sprobam tega od No7 pa par sem si jih še zapisala za prihodnje nakupe :D

  2. Po branju sem takoj črtala Balejino olje in čistilno peno z wishliste. Kaj so res tok bad?
    Zdaj me pa Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser mika. Čeprav bi sneakily še vedno rada Emma Hardie preizkusila, samo je takooo drag.

    1. Katastrofa so, res. Pa ponavadi nisem stroga izbirčna z cleanserji za vsak dan. Ta-oljni pusti nekak plastični film na koži in očisti napol, mousse je pa žajfa v tubi. Pa še tube so precej debele in je verjetno manj izdelka v njih.

    2. Saj sem vedela, da sem se prehitro veselila,... Še dobro, da imam preveč cleanserjev trenutno, ker drugače bi jih že kupila. Dodged that bullet!

  3. Uuuu super objava! Meni je pa od Terra naturi čistilni gel, tisti zeleni super! Imam že x-to embalažo :) Full lepo očisti make up in ne izsuši kože. :) Ti ga priporočam :)

  4. Great products I will definitely refer a friend to your blog so she can look at this. Unfortunately I have an oily skin tone, so they won't work for me, but loved reading your post.
    Messy Bits // Bloglovin

    1. These might work for oily skin too, especially Ren and Antipodes :) Thank you!

  5. Sem res vesela, da si zadovoljna z Antipodes puterčkom... :) Saj meni tudi ni bil slab, ampak pač mi ni odgovarjal. :D

    Nuxe Reve de Miel sem pa imela in je meni osebno preveč odišavljen pa malenkost tudi izsuši kožo (tipično za gele). Za odstranjevanje makeupa ga pa nisem uporabljala.

  6. Wonderful review, so good products. ;-)
    Lovely greets Vanessa

  7. A great post with great products! At the moment I am sing the body Shop Cleansing Butter or the Origins Cleansing Oil and I love both of them. I also tried the Balea Oil thing, but like you just said - it's a disaster. It feels really disgusting on the skin and leaves an oily film in my eyes.
    The Antipodes Cleanser Sounds interesting! Gotta Check this one out!

  8. My all time Favorite is Trader Joe's tea tree oil cleanser!! But since it's only available at Trader Joe's grocery store which is like a 45 minute drive I ran out and am now using good ole' Pond's cold cream cleanser which I hate because of the residue it leaves, but am forcing myself to finish up before I buy anything else.

  9. I really need to try the Body Shop Chamomile Butter - it sounds lovely xx

  10. Jaz ravno načrtujem nakup The Body Shop Cleansing Butter, ker sem en kuponček za popust dobila v reviji. :D

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