13 Nov 2014

In Love with STEAMCREAM for over a Year

If you never heard about Steamcream before, you're probably living under a huge rock. Steamcream is a natural skincare brand which focuses on high quality creams with intact ingredients. To achieve the best results, Steamcream fuses all ingredients with steam. These multipurpose products are especially made in UK and Japan, delivering a lovely tin of pure amazement. They are eco-friendly, vegan, natural, handmade, ethical and award winning miracles with a huge variety of colourful tins. Every tin has a different theme according to seasons, event, nature or general inspiration. Did you know Steamcream is a sister company of Lush? Guilt-free cream without any nasty main ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Could it get any better than this? Well, fear not, little gems are multipurpose: use them on face, hands and body. Not to mention they are suited for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Steamcream always intrigued my mind with concept and ever so famous Lisa Eldridge. Like most students, I couldn't justify the hefty price tag. Which is absurd, considering I usually don't mind spending money on makeup bits. I was never a big believer that expensive equals quality. What made me interested in this 18€ cream was my first experience with Lush skincare. Being an intern at Lush store, I was able to demonstrate skincare products on hands. I was amazed by the result - hands by elderly women were pretty much looking airbrushed and plumped. And considering Steamcream includes same ingredients than Lush, I instantly splurged. Being all rational and so, I was determinated to put Steamcream to a test, at least for a few months before any false feedback. Which can happen with amazing first impressions. I'm especially careful with skincare feedback since it can provoke negative skin reactions. Sticking to the main root, this face cream is still a must product in my skincare routine for over a year now. I'm actually on my second pot along with my sister, who has oily skin type. I can definitely categorise my skin as normal-dry and also sensitive. Sunburns and allergy reactions are quite familiar by now. Steamcream soothes, moisturises and heals.

If we pay attention to the main ingredients (oatmeal, orange flower, almond oil cocoa butter) we can definitely see a match with sensitive skin, which reacts to harsh products. I cannot express my joy over this magical pot of goodness. It feels light, yet it leaves your skin feeling extra hydrated and plump. Skin actually looks ''dewy from within'' yet it's not greasy. I usually use it as a generous night cream or apply it 10 minutes before makeup. I do suggest you to wait for a few minutes if you're planning to apply makeup. Now those of you, who particularly hate any kind of sheen or moisture on your skin, I can't recommend it. It leaves a slight moisture through all day and I simply top it with Max Factor Facefinity All day Primer if I'm craving velvet,matte finish. Scent is a mild herbal bouquet of fresh flowers and greens. Texture is thick yet watery. 

This particular tin is called Bruler and is inspired by red maple leaves.
Steamcream retails about 16-18€ worldwide, online and Asos. Considering price, you get generous 75ml which lasts about 6 months, applying it once a day or less. Usually they always offer bundles of two with lower price. Christmas designs are already out and are a perfect gift for skincare junkies, especially since Steamcream suits all skintypes. I was naughty enough to get a set of two for a Christmas gift and myself.


  1. I've always wanted to try this product, it just seems like something I would love! Those decorative tins are so cute :)

  2. To morm pa prevert, sm že slišala ful o tej znamki, pa nism še se odločla dat takega dnarja naenkrat. Sicr pa, če že 6 mesecev traja, pol se pa kr splača, a ne? Pa tko kjut so posodice :)


    1. Ja, meni ostane dokaj dolgo ampak jo uporabljam 3x na teden :) Super blog imaš!


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