14 Dec 2014

Illamasqua Cream Pigment: Androgen & Hollow

Illamasqua's products usually surprise with multi purpose function due to high potent pigments. If not in a cream form, then you can multi-use powder shadows or blushes. I was amazed how multi-purpose are their Cream Pigments. Illamasqua was clever enough to gave them a neutral starting point name so you can create your own ideas about daily usage. You can use cream pigments for blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, correcting or even contouring and highlighting.

All Cream Pigments have a solid cream texture. You have to warm it up with your fingers to actually get high-intensity color. Yes, it's highly pigmented so you'll only need a tiny swirl for both, cheeks and eyes. They may look like a tiny pot but they will last your entire life or until they dry up. Stiff brushes might work with Cream Pigments but keep in mind softer brushes won't pick up much color (like Mac 217 or stippling brushes). I can easily see them in a makeup artist's kit. I actually feel like I'm wasting mine since you can cover all makeup basics with them on a daily basis. They do crease slightly on my oily eyelids after 5 hours if I don't set them with a powder or eyeshadow. I was pleasantly surprised since they have a slightly sticky feel when you warm them up. Once you apply them, they become more dry to the touch. It's pretty much a more solid version of some sort of cream blush with powder finish.

Hollow was my first pick from Illamasqua. I still have sentimental attachment toward my first Illamasqua product. It's a lovely neutral light/medium brown that has taupe undertones. It's perfect as cream contour, bronzing base or accentuating eyes with a lovely brown hue. Of course you can use it as a lipstick if you're digging 90's nude brown lip. Using it as a blush also helps to make cheeks naturally sculpted. I use it specifically as a brown eyeshadow, a base for smokey eyes, filling in my eyebrows and contouring my cheeks. As I've said, I still need to extend my imagination with this product. 

Androgen is a perfect mixture of coral and pink. Did I say the same thing previously for a lipstick or a blush? Well, erase it from your mind and embrace this coral-pink color. It's just...out of this world. A truly perfect mix of coral and pink undertones with white base, that makes it unique with 60's vibe. I use it mostly as a cream blush or lipstick. No need to say it's highly pigmented so a swipe can cover all areas. It almost ''stains'' so you're left with a long lasting color. I could totally use this in summer since it's almost waterproof due to high color intensity. 

Do I need to say anything more?
You just can't go wrong with Cream Pigments.
If you won't like them on your cheeks, I'm sure you can think of another 100 uses. I just hope they will last for ages and not dry up in 2 year time. I actually have Hollow for more than a year and it's still pristine, no pulling from the edge yet. One thing that bothers me, is my laziness. Since they're so pigmented, I don't reach for them daily. They retail for about 16€ at your Illamasqua counters and online.


  1. Androgen is stunning, it's been on my wish list for ever... love creamy blushes too! :)

  2. Nikoli me ni noben pritegnil, zdaj po branju tvojega posta bi pa oba :D Tale Androgen izgleda prelep na tebi :)

  3. They are both gorgeous, I love multi use products. More bang for your buck. I have to say your makeup bag is so cute too

  4. Hollow is gorgeous, and just the colour I would opt for.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Tole se pa super bere, ampak sreča, da ni Illamasque kje blizu nas :D

  6. very nice post. this product looks amazing. can imagine it would look good with your skintone too :)
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