1 Jan 2015

Models Own Sweet Shop Collection

Models Own knows how to win over girls and women - just mix up perfect candy-like shades and add yummy candy scents for extra kick. Women will go absolutely mad over them and they're absolutely right. Nothing can win over a girl's heart more than a box of sweets. Sweet Shop Collection introduced us to retro inspired candy nail polish with matching scents. Made for treating, these bring back memories from the old days with old school candy - like licorice, rhubarb & custard jellies and pink bubblegum. They all smell deliciously sweet when they dry down and the scent lasts a day or two. Formula wise everything works as it should and nail polish usually lasts about 3 days on my nails. Brush is fairly thin but still manageable when you're in a hurry.

Liquorice Allsorts is a straight black nail polish that is opaque with 2 coats. Has a licorice fragrance that lasts for quite a long time, around impressive two days. It is great as a base coat, for stamping and other effects. Not my favourite scent in general, but a pleasant addition to a standard black nail polish collection.

Rhubarb & Custard is almost semi-opaque with 2 coats. It has a lovely jelly finish and a bit of transparency, which would look great over a white nail polish or on it's own. It also contains silver glitter which layer nicely enough for candy-like transparency. Color itself is a vibrant, warm red-pink-coral, similar to artificial jelly candy.

Fizzy Cola Bottles is potentially, a great fall color with lovely golden shimmer and some silver particles. Base is a mixture of grey taupe and brown- neutral yet warm due to golden shimmer. Truly complex color with a lovely cola scent. It's opaque with 2 layers and I haven't had any trouble with formula.

I'm always impressed by gimmicky things and Models Own is no exception. I appreciate innovative products and a solid theme around them. Scents like Licorice don't appeal, but that's just personal preference. In general, Sweet Shop doesn't lack quality and if you like certain colors, give it a go. You can find Models Own in Slovenia on Click2Chic for 5,95€, regularly on 5 for 3 offer. International readers can find them onlineAsos or stores like Boots and international Bottleshops.


  1. This is a pretty collection & I like the look of the black & red polishes

    1. Yup, an interesting red tonic color :) thanks!

  2. Ahh what a fun collection, love the black shade! <3 xo

  3. i love seeing makeup fr other places! i love scented polish

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  5. Happy New Year ♥


  6. Models Own laki so res carski. Težko bi se odločila kateri mi je lepši. :)

  7. Fizzy Cola Bottles looks so pretty x

  8. The bottles are so cute! I love the Frizzy Cola one :)



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